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Commander Dante

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Commander Dante, an esteemed figure within the Space Marines of the Imperium, commands respect and admiration. Hailing from the Blood Angels Chapter, he has led with distinction for over a thousand years.
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Meet the legendary Commander Dante, an illustrious figure within the ranks of the Imperium’s Space Marines. As a cherished scion of Sanguinius, he has steered the Blood Angels Chapter for over a millennium. Handpicked by Guilliman to serve as Lord Regent of the Imperium Nihilus, Dante soars above the battlefield in resplendent golden armor. His imposing presence freezes adversaries in their tracks with his death mask’s unflinching gaze, all while delivering precise, devastating blows with the Axe Mortalis.

This multipart plastic kit masterfully constructs Commander Dante, the esteemed Chapter Master of the Blood Angels. An ancient hero who has embraced the Rubicon Primaris, he dons exquisitely crafted armor adorned with intricate musculature and angelic embellishments. His helmet bears the remarkable yet formidable Death Mask of Sanguinius, framed by his majestic iron halo. Descending from the heavens on his custom jump pack, Dante wields the Perdition Pistol – an archeotech melta weapon of astonishing might – while brandishing the lethal Axe Mortalis.

Commander Dante Datasheets

What’s in the Commander Dante box

  • x26 plastic components that make one Commander Dante miniature.
  • x1 Citadel 50mm Round Base.

How to Paint Commander Dante

  1. Step 1: Begin with Gold Armor
    Welcome to the exciting world of painting your Commander Dante set! Let’s start by giving his armor a regal touch. Use a lustrous gold color like Retributor Armor to paint the armor sections. Apply thin, even coats to create a smooth and striking metallic finish that embodies the grandeur of a revered Space Marine leader.
  2. Step 2: Rich Red Clothing
    Shift your focus to the clothing areas. The deep red color of his clothing adds a bold contrast to the gold. Use a vibrant shade such as Mephiston Red to paint these sections. Apply multiple thin layers to bring out the depth and richness of the red, ensuring a vibrant and captivating result.
  3. Step 3: Blood Angels Shoulders
    The iconic Blood Angels symbol on the shoulder pads is a defining feature. Use a bold red color like Evil Sunz Scarlet to meticulously paint this symbol. This emblem carries the weight of the Blood Angels’ legacy and history, making it a centerpiece of the miniature.
  4. Step 4: Axe Blade Brilliance
    Now, let’s highlight the power of the Axe Mortalis. Paint the blade with a bright blue shade like Caledor Sky. Apply thin, controlled layers to achieve a seamless blue hue that accentuates the weapon’s potency and craftsmanship.
  5. Step 5: Insignia Details
    To truly bring out the character’s regal stature, focus on the intricate details. Use a clean white color like White Scar to paint insignia, emblems, and other fine elements on the armor. These accents serve as a testament to Dante’s authority and status.
  6. Step 6: Metallic Elegance for the Pistol
    The Perdition Pistol is a masterpiece of technology. Highlight its complexity with metallic shades like Leadbelcher. This choice not only adds realism but also showcases the intricate craftsmanship of this futuristic weapon.
  7. Step 7: Shading for Depth
    Enhance the three-dimensional quality of your model by applying shading. Use a shade like Agrax Earthshade to carefully apply to the recesses and crevices of the miniature. This technique adds depth and realism, making the features stand out.
  8. Step 8: Layering for Dimension
    Take your painting to the next level by employing layering techniques. Use lighter shades of your base colors for highlighting. For instance, use Auric Armour Gold to gently highlight raised areas of the gold armor, adding dimension and depth. Similarly, apply lighter red tones like Wazdakka Red to enhance the clothing’s texture and visual impact.
  9. Step 9: Protective Varnish
    To preserve your hard work, consider applying a clear varnish. A glossy varnish like Ardcoat will not only protect your paint job but also accentuate the model’s features, adding a polished and professional finish.
We also left you a video here. Fun fact for the newer players: this model has been updated a while ago, if you want to see how it looked before check out the gallery, you can see that he was way smaller.

Gallery of Images, Sprues and Details

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