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Screamer-Killer Brood

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The Screamer-Killer Brood is a terrifying force of Carnifexes, towering over the battlefield with their unyielding armoured chitin and deadly bio-plasma discharges. These living engines of destruction can tear through enemies with their scythe-shaped talons and unleash incandescent bolts of bio-plasma to immolate any survivors
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Behold the formidable Carnifexes, living engines of unforgiving devastation, adorned with impenetrable armored chitin and sinewy alien strength. Among the Tyranid ranks, the Screamer-Killers rise, renowned for the spine-chilling ululations accompanying their lethal bio-plasma discharges. With massive scythe-shaped talons, these monstrous beings effortlessly rend hapless foes apart, while engulfing any survivors in scorching bolts of bio-plasma fury.

This extraordinary set presents not just one, but two mighty Carnifexes, ready to be assembled into the fearsome Screamer-Killer Brood. Each Carnifex boasts two pairs of scything talons, complemented by a pair of crushing claws. The weaponry they wield includes the deathspitter, devourer, stranglethorn cannon, and heavy venom cannon, ensuring a devastating array of armaments for any battlefield encounter. As if that weren’t enough, the set includes five alternate heads to customize their menacing appearance, while the tail offers the option to equip either the thresher scythe or bone mace, granting further flexibility in tailoring their fearsome visage. Get ready to unleash these nightmarish creatures upon your foes and witness their inexorable reign of terror.

What’s in the Screamer-Killer Brood box

How to paint the Screamer-Killer Brood set

  1. Step 1: Basecoat the Chitin Armor
    Start by applying a basecoat of Xereus Purple to the chitin armor of the Carnifexes using a medium-sized brush. Ensure even coverage, allowing the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.
  2. Step 2: Shade the Chitin Armor
    Apply a shade like Druchii Violet to the purple chitin armor to create depth and shadows. Use a fine detail brush to carefully apply the shade into the recesses of the armor.
  3. Step 3: Highlight the Chitin Armor
    Once the shade has dried, highlight the raised areas of the chitin armor with a lighter purple shade, such as Genestealer Purple. Use a fine detail brush to pick out the edges and contours, creating a subtle gradient effect.
  4. Step 4: Basecoat the Skin
    For the skin, choose a pale white color, like Pallid Wych Flesh, and apply it evenly to the exposed areas of the Carnifexes. Use thin layers and multiple coats if needed for smooth coverage.
  5. Step 5: Shade the Skin
    To add depth to the white skin, apply a shade specifically designed for pale colors, such as Reikland Fleshshade. Apply the shade selectively to the recesses and crevices of the skin, allowing it to flow naturally and create shadows.
  6. Step 6: Highlight the Skin
    Once the shade has dried, highlight the raised areas of the skin with a lighter white color, such as White Scar. Use a fine detail brush to carefully pick out the prominent features, adding subtle highlights to enhance the skin’s texture.
  7. Step 7: Additional Details
    Consider adding further details to the Screamer-Killer Brood, such as painting their eyes with a bright color like Mephiston Red or their claws with Leadbelcher to create a striking contrast.
  8. Step 8: Varnish
    Finish the painting process by applying a layer of matte varnish to protect the paintwork and provide a uniform finish to your Carnifex models. Congratulations on your beautifully painted Screamer-Killer Brood, ready to dominate the battlefield with their menacing presence!

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