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Reikland Fleshshade

Reikland Fleshshade Shade Paint Citadel Colour

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Reikland Fleshshade is a popular shade paint from Citadel Colour that adds depth and definition to miniatures and models. Its rich brown tone is perfect for adding a weathered or realistic look to flesh, leather, and other surfaces. This paint is highly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the details of your miniatures.
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Reikland Fleshshade Paint Review

Reikland Fleshshade is a highly versatile paint from the Citadel Colour range that is often used in miniature painting. With its deep, earthy tones, it adds a layer of depth and character to any base coat, creating a realistic and natural finish. Its highly-pigmented formula allows for excellent coverage, making it a great foundation for any painting project, while its matte finish helps to reduce shine and glare. Reikland Fleshshade is an excellent addition to any beginner or experienced painter’s palette, providing a wide range of possibilities for creating lifelike, nuanced color schemes for their miniatures.

What armies to paint with Reikland Fleshshade

Reikland Fleshshade is a versatile paint that can be used to great effect on a wide range of Warhammer 40K armies. Here are three factions that are particularly well-suited to this paint:

  • Imperial Guard: The Imperial Guard is a human army that relies on a combination of infantry, tanks, and artillery to achieve victory. Reikland Fleshshade can be used to create a realistic, weathered look on the infantry models, making them look like seasoned veterans who have seen their fair share of battle.
  • Space Wolves: The Space Wolves are a unique Space Marine chapter with a distinctive Viking-inspired aesthetic. Reikland Fleshshade can be used to create a realistic, weathered look on the chapter’s fur-trimmed armour and pelts, adding a layer of depth and character to the models.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus: The Adeptus Mechanicus is a faction of cyborg-like soldiers that combine organic and mechanical parts. Reikland Fleshshade can be used to create a realistic, weathered look on the faction’s metallic parts, making them look like they have seen extensive use and are in need of repair.

Reikland Fleshshade Colour Schemes & Combinations

When selecting a palette of colours to use with Reikland Fleshshade, it’s important to consider the principles of colour theory in order to create a balanced and harmonious look. Here are three Citadel Colour paints that can be used effectively with Reikland Fleshshade:

  • Balthasar Gold: This bronze paint is a great complementary colour to the reddish-brown tones of Reikland Fleshshade. The two colours work together to create a sense of depth and texture, with the gold adding a metallic sheen that complements the earthy tones of the Reikland Fleshshade.
  • Mephiston Red: This bold red paint is an analogous colour to Reikland Fleshshade, meaning that it sits next to it on the colour wheel. The two colours work well together, with the red adding a pop of colour that contrasts nicely with the muted browns of the Reikland Fleshshade.
  • Ulthuan Grey: This white paint is a great highlight colour to use alongside Reikland Fleshshade. By layering the two colours together, you can create a sense of depth and contrast, with the white bringing out the highlights and the Reikland Fleshshade adding shadows and definition.

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