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Leman Russ Battle Tank

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Build a formidable frontline Heavy Support tank for your Astra Militarum army, offering a wide array of guns with seven turret weapon options and various additional armaments, while also providing the flexibility to assemble it as a Tank Commander to lead your armoured columns.
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The Leman Russ Battle Tank stands as the backbone of the Imperial Guard, leading the charge in countless armored formations and crushing any foes that withstand its devastating firepower. This versatile and reliable tank is a common sight among Astra Militarum regiments throughout the galaxy, symbolizing the indomitable might of the Imperium.

This multipart plastic kit offers the opportunity to assemble a Leman Russ Battle Tank, a highly adaptable armored vehicle with a multitude of variants. With a choice of seven potent turret weapons including the battle cannon, demolisher battle cannon, eradicator nova cannon, executioner plasma cannon, exterminator autocannon, punisher gatling cannon, or vanquisher battle cannon, you can tailor your Leman Russ to excel at annihilating tanks, decimating alien swarms, or fulfilling any tactical role in between. Additionally, the tank features a hull-mounted secondary weapon such as a lascannon, heavy bolter, or heavy flamer, and the option to equip two sponson-mounted guns, choosing from a pair of heavy bolters, heavy flamers, multi-meltas, or plasma cannons.

In addition to its formidable armaments, the kit provides various cosmetic options, including a searchlight, handles, and the choice between an exposed crewman or a closed hatch. Alternatively, you can assemble a Tank Commander, an expert officer of the Astra Militarum who leads with tactical prowess from the confines of a Leman Russ.

Leman Russ Battle Tank Datasheets

Here are all the datasheets for the Leman Russ Battle Tank and it’s other variants you can build using the same kit.

Battle Tank







What’s in the Leman Russ Battle Tank box

  • x150 plastic components: all the necessary parts to assemble the Leman Russ Battle Tank. Alternatively, you can build a Leman Russ Demolisher, Eradicator, Executioner, Exterminator, Punisher or Vanquisher tank.
  • x1 Astra Militarum Vehicle Transfer Sheet: Included in the kit is an Astra Militarum Vehicle Transfer Sheet. This sheet contains 475 transfers that feature numerals, sigils, and a variety of regimental heraldry. These transfers can be applied to the Leman Russ tank to add customized markings and symbols, allowing you to represent specific regiments or personalize your vehicle.

How to paint the Leman Russ Battle Tank set

  1. Step 1: Prime the Model
    Apply a coat of Citadel Chaos Black or Mechanicus Standard Grey primer to the Leman Russ Battle Tank.
  2. Step 2: Basecoat the Tank
    Apply a basecoat of Caliban Green or Death Guard Green to the tank.
  3. Step 3: Paint the Details
    Use Leadbelcher for the weapons, Rhinox Hide for the tracks, and Mephiston Red for the hatches.
  4. Step 4: Apply Washes
    Apply Agrax Earthshade or Nuln Oil wash over the tank to add depth and shading.
  5. Step 5: Drybrushing
    Drybrush Moot Green or Administratum Grey over the raised edges and surfaces of the tank.
  6. Step 6: Add Weathering Effects
    Use Stirland Battlemire or Typhus Corrosion for dirt and rust effects, and Abaddon Black for chipped paint.
  7. Step 7: Varnish the Model
    Apply Munitorum Varnish or Ardcoat for a protective layer and a finished look.
  8. Step 8: Final Touches
    Apply the decals or transfers from the Astra Militarum Vehicle Transfer Sheet using water or Citadel Micro Sol/Micro Set solutions.

Gallery of Images, Sprues and Details

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