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Special Weapons Upgrade Set

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Enhance your MKVI Tactical Squad Legionaries into Tactical Support Squads with 60 specialized weapons, including flamers, meltaguns, plasma guns, rotor cannons, volkite calivers, and volkite chargers, to equip up to 12 individual squads with versatile firepower.
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Tactical Support Squads bring a new level of versatility to the Legiones Astartes by replacing standard bolters with specialized weapons. This upgrade empowers your strike force to engage a broader spectrum of targets on its terms. Each weapon within Tactical Support Squads serves a unique purpose. Flamers excel at clearing bunkers, trenches, and urban environments, while rapid-firing rotor cannons mow down hordes of lightly-armored foes. Meltaguns unleash bursts of thermic energy for anti-armor operations, and potent plasma guns can melt even the most heavily-armored elites. Additionally, arcane volkite weapons in the form of volkite calivers and lighter volkite chargers deliver searing beams of thermal energy.

This plastic upgrade kit is designed to equip Legionaries from the MKVI Tactical Squad set with potent special weapons, tailored for use in a Legion Tactical Support Squad. The kit includes 10 flamers, 10 plasma guns, 10 meltaguns, 10 rotor cannons, 10 volkite chargers, and 10 volkite calivers. With these specialized weapons at your disposal, you can transform up to three complete MKVI Tactical Squad sets into six formidable Tactical Support Squads of 10 models each, or form 12 units of five models. The kit offers five distinct designs for each type of special weapon, ensuring your Legionaries maintain their individuality on the battlefield, even when deployed en masse.

What’s in the Special Weapons Upgrade Set box

x100 plastic components and is designed to be assembled with the MKVI Tactical Squad set, which is sold separately. 

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