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Thunderwolf Cavalry

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Unleash the might of the Thunderwolf Cavalry in your Warhammer 40,000 battles. These elite Space Wolves warriors, mounted on legendary Thunderwolves, bring unparalleled ferocity to the battlefield. Discover more!
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From the Mountains of the Maelstrom come the legendary Thunderwolves, hulking beasts with jaws strong enough to chew through steel. Senior Space Wolves track down and tame these powerful creatures, a practice believed to be an initiation ritual into the elite ranks of the Wolf Guard. This tradition has given rise to the near-mythical Thunderwolf Cavalry.

The Thunderwolf Cavalry is a small but dauntless elite within the Wolf Guard, known for their bravery and combat prowess. These warriors, mounted on the formidable Thunderwolves, form an elite unit that remains absent from any official Imperial records, adding to their mystique and legend.

Thunderwolf Cavalry Model
Thunderwolf Cavalry Model

These models bring a fierce and dynamic element to your Warhammer 40,000 battles, embodying the savage strength and noble ferocity of the Space Wolves. Their presence on the battlefield is both a tactical advantage and a striking visual testament to the might of the Wolf Guard.

Thunderwolf Cavalry Box Contents

  • x121 plastic components with which to build 3 Thunderwolf Cavalry models. 
  • x3 Citadel 60mm Round Bases.

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