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Sanguinary Guard

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The Sanguinary Guard is the most elite unit of the Blood Angels Space Marine Chapter. They are warriors who have proven their worth in combat and are granted the honor of serving in the Sanguinary Guard.
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The Sanguinary Guard is the most elite force within the Blood Angels chapter, composed of mortals-turned-gods who have achieved legendary status among their brethren. They are equipped with powerful wrist-mounted Angelus boltguns that allow them to wield crackling power glaives with their free hands. Their combat prowess is awe-inspiring, and their deeds on the battlefield are celebrated as heroic legends.

The kit makes 5 Sansguinary Guard Miniatures and includes 15 different heads (five with helmets, five bare heads and five Death Masks), 15 elaborate shoulder pads, 5 Glaives Encarmine, 6 Angelus boltguns, an inferno pistol, a plasma pistol, five variations of legs and five different torsos. Also included are a banner with sculpted detailing and a range of pouches and Blood Angels accessories that allow you to further customise your unit.

Sanguinary Guard Datasheets

What’s in the Sanguinary Guard box

  • x95 plastic components that make 5 Blood Angels Sanguinary Guards.
  • x5 Citadel 32mm round bases.

How to paint the Sanguinary Guard

  1. Step 1: Primer Coat
    Begin by applying a thin, even coat of Chaos black spray to all the miniatures in your Sanguinary Guard set. Primer helps the paint adhere and gives a consistent base for your colors.
  2. Step 2: Base Coat – Armor
    With the primer in place, paint the armor of the Sanguinary Guard with a base coat of gold, such as a bright metallic paint like Retributor Armour. Ensure you cover all the armored areas evenly.
  3. Step 3: Shading – Armor
    Enhance the depth and details of the gold armor by applying a shade of brown, like Agrax Earthshade. Focus on the recesses and crevices of the armor, allowing the shade to settle and create shadows.
  4. Step 4: Layer – Armor
    To add highlights and dimension to the gold armor, layer it with a lighter gold, such as Liberator Gold. Focus on the raised areas and edges for a shining effect.
  5. Step 5: Painting Details
    For the red details on the Sanguinary Guard’s armor, like their wings and shoulder pads, use a base coat of red, such as Mephiston Red. Ensure clean and even application for a crisp appearance. For the parchments or cloth elements, use Wraithbone.
  6. Step 6: Shading – Red Details
    Enhance the red details by applying a shade of red, like Carroburg Crimson. Focus on the areas that should appear darker and recessed.
  7. Step 7: Layer – Red Details
    Highlight the red areas with a lighter red, such as Evil Sunz Scarlet. Apply this sparingly to the raised portions for depth.
  8. Step 8: Painting Wings and Feathers
    For the angelic wings and feathers on the Sanguinary Guard, use a base coat of white, like Corax White. Ensure full coverage on these large, intricate areas.
  9. Step 9: Shading – Wings and Feathers
    Enhance the wing and feather details by applying a shade of Nuln Oil. Focus on the areas where shadows would naturally fall.
  10. Step 10: Layer – Wings and Feathers
    Highlight the wings and feathers with a lighter white, such as White Scar. Apply this to the raised portions for a feathered and luminous effect.
  11. Step 11: Painting Weapons and Metallic Details
    For the weapons and metallic elements, use a base coat of silver, such as Leadbelcher. Ensure smooth coverage on these parts.
  12. Step 12: Shading – Weapons and Metallic Details
    Enhance the metallic details by applying a shade of black, like Nuln Oil. Focus on the crevices and edges to create contrast.
  13. Step 13: Layer – Weapons and Metallic Details
    Highlight the weapons and metallic areas with a lighter silver, such as Stormhost Silver. Apply this sparingly to the raised portions for a polished look.
  14. Step 14: Painting the Bases
    Consider using texture paints like Astrogranite Debris or Armageddon Dunes to create a realistic terrain effect on the bases. Apply the chosen texture paint evenly across the base.
  15. Step 15: Protective Seal
    To safeguard the integrity of your Sanguinary Guard set, apply a protective varnish. This will shield the miniatures from wear and tear. Consider using a varnish that aligns with your desired finish, whether it’s glossy or matte, to suit your preference. Ensure the miniatures are completely dry before applying the seal.

Gallery of Images, Sprues and Details

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