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Ardcoat is a glossy varnish paint from Citadel Colour that provides a durable protective layer to your miniatures while also enhancing their colors and details. Its high shine finish gives the impression of a well-polished armor, making it perfect for painting metallic or reflective surfaces.
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Ardcoat Paint Review

Citadel Ardcoat is a high-gloss varnish that is specifically designed to enhance the shine and protection of miniature painting projects. This versatile acrylic medium can be applied as a final coating over base coats and color layers to give your models a glossy, reflective finish. Unlike traditional varnishes, Citadel Ardcoat dries to a crystal-clear, waterproof film that enhances the vibrancy and saturation of the underlying pigments. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned miniature painter, Citadel Ardcoat is an essential tool in your palette, providing a strong foundation of protection and shine to your finished models.

What vehicle armies to paint with Ardcoat

When it comes to painting the gleaming, metallic vehicles of the Warhammer 40K universe, Citadel Ardcoat is an excellent choice. Here are three factions and their vehicles that are particularly well-suited for painting with Ardcoat:

  • Space Marines: The iconic tanks and armored vehicles of the Space Marines, such as the Land Raider and Rhino, can benefit greatly from the high-shine finish provided by Ardcoat. This will make their already imposing armor look even more menacing on the battlefield.
  • Imperial Guard: The armored vehicles of the Imperial Guard, such as the Leman Russ tank and Chimera transport, are well-suited for painting with Ardcoat. This will make the metallic details of their armor stand out and give the vehicles a well-polished, maintained look.
  • Orks: The Ork vehicles, such as the Battlewagon and Trukk, are known for their rough-and-tumble, cobbled-together appearance, but a coat of Ardcoat can make the metallic details of their machinery look well-oiled and ready for battle.

These armies were chosen based on their extensive use of machinery and vehicles in their armies and the potential for the high-gloss finish to add an extra level of detail and realism to their models.

Ardcoat Colour Schemes & Combinations

Ardcoat, a high-gloss varnish from Citadel Colour, can be paired with a variety of colours to achieve a striking and eye-catching finish on your Warhammer 40K vehicles. The following colours are some of the best options to consider for use with Ardcoat:

  • White: Using a pure white such as Skull White or White Scar as a base coat provides an excellent foundation for other colours to pop against. This will give the Ardcoat a bright, crisp and clean appearance.
  • Green: A bright green, such as Moot Green or Skarsnik Green, creates a complementary contrast with the Ardcoat, which brings out the metallic highlights.
  • Brass: Incorporating a warm brass, such as Retributor Armour or Balthasar Gold, will add a metallic sheen to the vehicle and provide a split-complementary colour balance that brings out the vibrant hues in the green and white.

These colours were chosen based on their compatibility with Ardcoat, as well as their ability to create a harmonious and eye-catching combination. The selection was made using principles of colour theory, including analogous and split-complementary colour schemes, to ensure a balanced and pleasing result.

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