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Baneblade Brown – Air Paint

Baneblade Brown - Air Paint Citadel Colour

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Baneblade Brown from Citadel Colour is an air paint that delivers a smooth and even finish on your miniatures. Its warm, earthy tone is perfect for painting vehicles and terrain pieces in a realistic and gritty style. With its high-quality formulation and easy-to-use application, Baneblade Brown is an excellent choice for any hobbyist looking to add depth and character to their projects.
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Baneblade Brown – Air Paint Paint Review

Baneblade Brown is a rich, warm and earthy base coat paint from Citadel Colour’s Air Paint line. It’s a versatile foundation color that can be used to provide a solid base for a variety of different shades and hues. It’s a great choice for miniature painting beginners, as it provides excellent coverage and a smooth, matt finish that’s perfect for layering other colors on top of. It’s composed of pigments that are suspended in an acrylic medium, which makes it easy to apply and control.

What Space Marine armies to paint with Baneblade Brown – Air Paint

  • The Iron Hands Space Marine Chapter: Baneblade Brown is a great choice for painting the armored plates of the Iron Hands, as it provides a solid base for creating a worn, metallic look on their machinery and guns.
  • The Imperial Fists Space Marine Chapter: This paint can be used as a basecoat for the yellow armor of the Imperial Fists. It will provide a nice foundation to work on and can be used to create a weathered, battle-worn look on their armor.
  • The Raven Guard Space Marine Chapter: Baneblade Brown can be used to paint the black and white Armor of Raven Guard. It will provide a nice base for creating a battle-worn look on their armor, with highlights of white and black on top of the brown basecoat.

These 3 armies have been chosen as they are Space Marines Chapter that have a lot of armored plates in their uniform and Baneblade Brown can be used as a foundation for creating a battle-worn look for them. Additionally, the color scheme of these armies can be easily built on top of this basecoat.

Baneblade Brown – Air Paint Colour Schemes & Combinations

The list of purple, black, silver Citadel Colour paints that can be used together with Baneblade Brown – Air Paint were selected based on color theory principles of split-complementary colors. These colors provide a strong contrast to the warm brown tones of Baneblade Brown and can be used to create highlights and shadows for added depth and dimension.

  • For example, the purple paint “Xereus Purple” can be used to create a contrast with the warm tones of Baneblade Brown on Space Marines shoulder pads or backpack.
  • The black paint “Abaddon Black” can be used to create sharp lines, shadows and details on weapons, machinery, or tanks.
  • The silver paint “Runefang Steel” can be used to add a metallic finish and highlight to the armor and weapons of the Space Marines.

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