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Berserker Bloodshade

Berserker Bloodshade Shade Paint Citadel Colour

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Berserker Bloodshade is a deep red paint from Citadel Colour that is perfect for achieving a rich, bloodthirsty effect on your miniatures. It has a high level of pigment, making it easy to apply and providing excellent coverage. With its glossy finish, this paint is ideal for adding depth and definition to any model.
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Berserker Bloodshade Paint Review

Berserker Bloodshade is a richly pigmented acrylic wash paint from Citadel Colour, specifically designed for miniature painting. This paint offers a powerful red hue that, when applied over a suitable base coat, creates a deep, matte finish with excellent coverage. It can be used as part of a beginner’s palette of colors for miniatures, providing a solid foundation for creating striking and dynamic color schemes. With its intense and immersive color, Berserker Bloodshade is a valuable tool for any painter seeking to unleash their inner berserker on the battlefield of miniature painting.

What Xenos armies to paint with Berserker Bloodshade

As a fan and experienced painter of Warhammer 40K miniatures, I can suggest the following Xenos armies that could be painted with Berserker Bloodshade:

  • Orks: The Ork faction is known for its raucous and unpredictable nature, and Berserker Bloodshade could be used to great effect to create a suitably chaotic color scheme. Ork models are typically covered in armour plates, machinery, and guns, which could be painted in a base coat of metallics and then washed with Berserker Bloodshade to create a weathered, battle-worn effect.
  • Tyranids: Tyranids are an alien race of hive-mind creatures that are known for their viciousness and biological weaponry. Berserker Bloodshade could be used to paint the chitinous armour plates of these creatures, or to add depth and shadow to the many crevices and textures found on Tyranid models. The wash would create a sense of organic decay, as if the Tyranids have been living and fighting in the grim darkness of the Warhammer 40K universe for a long time.
  • Necrons: The Necron faction is an ancient race of undead machines, who have reawakened after millions of years to reclaim their rightful place as rulers of the galaxy. Necron models feature a lot of metallic surfaces and sharp, angular lines, which could be enhanced with Berserker Bloodshade to create a sense of rust and battle damage. The wash could also be used to create a dark, ominous effect on the glowing green energy that powers their weaponry and tanks.

When selecting armies to paint with Berserker Bloodshade, it’s important to consider the factions’ aesthetic and lore, as well as the types of models available. In general, armies with a lot of armour, soldiers, machinery, and tanks will benefit most from this type of wash, as it can create a sense of depth and shadow on these large, complex models. 

Berserker Bloodshade Colour Schemes & Combinations

Berserker Bloodshade is a deep red Citadel Shade paint that can add depth and dimension to red, brown, and brass Citadel Colour paints. To create a balanced and harmonious color combination, color theory and an understanding of complementary and analogous hues can be helpful. In addition, when working with metallic paints, it’s important to consider how to highlight and shade the paint to achieve the desired effect.

  • Khorne Red: This deeper red paint can be used to add further depth to areas where Berserker Bloodshade has been applied.
  • XV-88: This brown paint can be used to create a split-complementary color scheme with Berserker Bloodshade and Mephiston Red. It can be used to highlight areas where Berserker Bloodshade has been applied, or to create shadows in combination with the shade.
  • Balthasar Gold: This brass-colored metallic paint can be used to add metallic accents to areas where Berserker Bloodshade has been applied. It can also be highlighted with a brighter metallic paint, such as Runelord Brass.

When choosing these specific paints, we considered their proximity to Berserker Bloodshade on the color wheel, as well as their complementary and split-complementary hues. We also considered the need to balance warm and cool tones, as well as light and dark areas in the final color combination. Finally, we took into account the metallic paints and how they could be highlighted and shaded to achieve the desired effect.

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