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Celestium Blue Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Celestium Blue from Citadel Colour is a vibrant, electric blue that brings a pop of color to any miniature or model. Its smooth consistency makes it easy to apply, while its high-quality pigment ensures a vibrant, long-lasting finish. This paint is perfect for adding accents to space-themed models or creating a striking contrast on fantasy creatures.
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Celestium Blue Paint Review

Citadel Colour’s Celestium Blue is a vivid and vibrant blue that provides excellent coverage as a base coat for miniature painting. Its pigments are finely ground, making it easy to apply smoothly and evenly. The matt finish of the paint provides a solid foundation for other colors to be layered on top, allowing for greater depth and richness in the overall color palette. Celestium Blue is an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced miniature painters looking to add a bold and striking color to their collection.

What vehicle armies to paint with Celestium Blue

  • Aeldari Wave Serpent – The Wave Serpent is a key vehicle for the Aeldari faction, and its sleek, futuristic design would lend itself well to being painted in Celestium Blue. This color would give the vehicle a high-tech and polished appearance, fitting in well with the advanced technology of the Aeldari.
  • Ultramarines Repulsor Executioner – The Ultramarines chapter is known for its bold blue armor, and painting a vehicle in Celestium Blue would fit in well with this color scheme. The Repulsor Executioner is a massive tank that would look impressive in a bright and bold blue, helping it stand out on the battlefield.
  • T’au XV88 Broadside Battlesuit – The T’au faction is known for its sleek and modern technology, and the XV88 Broadside Battlesuit is no exception. Painting this vehicle in Celestium Blue would give it a high-tech and polished look, fitting in well with the T’au’s advanced weaponry and machinery.

Based on the color schemes and designs of the respective factions to which these particular vehicles belong, the choice to list them was taken. The Wave Serpent is another example of the Aeldari’s cutting-edge, svelte technology. 

The Repulsor Executioner is a perfect candidate for Celestium Blue painting because the Ultramarines are famed for their striking blue armor. The XV88 Broadside Battlesuit is a suitable contender for a vivid and striking color like Celestium Blue because the T’au are recognized for their sophisticated weapons and equipment, and it is a shining illustration of this.

Celestium Blue Colour Schemes & Combinations

  • Jokaero Orange – This bright and vibrant orange is a great choice to pair with Celestium Blue. It is a complementary color, meaning it is located directly across from blue on the color wheel. Using Jokaero Orange as an accent color to Celestium Blue can create a striking contrast that will make the blue pop. It could be used to highlight details on the models, such as cables or tubing, or for decorative accents.
  • White Scar – White Scar is a pure white that can be used to create highlights on models painted with Celestium Blue. When paired with Celestium Blue, White Scar creates an analogous color scheme, which is when colors that are next to each other on the color wheel are used together. Using White Scar for highlights on the blue models can help to bring out the details and create contrast between the lighter and darker shades.
  • Hashut Copper – This metallic copper paint can be used to add some shine and texture to models painted with Celestium Blue. It could be used for details such as weapons, armor, or accessories, and can create a split-complementary color scheme when paired with Celestium Blue and Jokaero Orange. This is when a main color and the two colors on either side of its complement are used together, creating a balanced and visually appealing color combo.

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