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Citadel Colour's Cygor Brown paint is a rich and earthy shade that perfectly captures the look of weathered leather or ancient stone. Its matte finish gives models a rugged, natural look, and it can be used for everything from terrain features to character models.
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Cygor Brown Paint Review

Cygor Brown from Citadel Colour is a foundational base coat with the texture and appearance of rough, weathered bark. The pigments are finely ground and provide exceptional coverage with a matt finish that is perfect for acrylic miniature painting. As part of the Citadel Colour range of colours for miniatures, Cygor Brown is a great addition to any beginner’s palette, providing a reliable base layer for any project. The high-quality formulation ensures that it applies evenly and smoothly, creating a solid foundation for further embellishment.

What armies to paint with Cygor Brown

If you’re looking to paint a Warhammer 40K army with Citadel Colour’s Cygor Brown, I recommend the following three factions:

  • Astra Militarum (Imperial Guard) – The Astra Militarum’s vast armies of infantry and tanks are ideal for a Cygor Brown color scheme. The rugged and earthy tones of Cygor Brown can give a sense of practicality and durability to the tanks and soldiers of the Imperial Guard, while also providing an excellent backdrop for bold accent colors.
  • Orks – The Orks’ hordes of green-skinned warriors and ramshackle machinery can benefit from the rustic and organic feel of Cygor Brown. This color can create a gritty and earthy atmosphere, which is appropriate for the Orks’ brutal and primitive nature.
  • Chaos Space Marines – The twisted and corrupted armor and weaponry of the Chaos Space Marines can benefit from the strikingly dark and ominous quality of Cygor Brown. This color can provide an ideal foundation for the menacing and grotesque details of the Chaos Space Marines’ armor and machinery.

Because each of these armies has a distinct aesthetic and theme that can be benefited from the use of Cygor Brown, it was decided to suggest these particular armies. Cygor Brown is a great option for capturing the rough and rustic appearance that Astra Militarum and Orks frequently give their soldiers and equipment. 

Cygor Brown is a great option for establishing a gloomy and foreboding atmosphere because Chaos Space Marines are frequently portrayed as having a dark and menacing appearance. In the end, using Cygor Brown can assist in giving any of these Warhammer 40K forces a unique and immersive aesthetic.

Cygor Brown Colour Schemes & Combinations

The choice to suggest these particular hues was made based on color theory ideas and the desire to create a harmonious and eye-catching color combination.

  • White Scar – White is a natural complement to brown, making White Scar an excellent choice for highlighting and providing contrast to Cygor Brown. This high-contrast color combo can create a striking effect and draw attention to specific parts of your miniatures.
  • Runelord Brass – Bronze is a metallic color that works well with brown and can add a level of sophistication and detail to your miniatures. Runelord Brass is an ideal choice for highlights and metallic accents, especially when used in combination with Cygor Brown.
  • Waaagh! Flesh – Green is an analogous color to brown, and it can provide a harmonious and balanced effect when used with Cygor Brown. Waaagh! Flesh can be used to create a natural and organic appearance for your miniatures, especially for factions like Orks or Tyranids.

Cygor Brown is highlighted with high contrast by White Scar, and Runelord Brass lends a touch of metallic. Waaagh! Cygor Brown and flesh are complementary colors, which promotes unity and balance. When combined, these hues can produce a vibrant and nuanced color pallet that improves the overall look of your miniatures.

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