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Moot Green – Air Paint

Moot Green - Air Paint Citadel Colour

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Moot Green is a bright, vivid paint from Citadel Colour's Air range that is perfect for creating eye-catching highlights or adding a pop of color to your miniatures. Its smooth consistency and excellent coverage make it easy to work with, whether you're airbrushing or brush-painting.
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Moot Green – Air Paint Paint Review

Moot Green – Air Paint is a versatile, acrylic paint that provides a strong base coat for miniature painting. This paint is specially formulated with high-quality pigments that give it a smooth, matt finish. It’s easy to work with, making it a great option for beginners who are just starting to experiment with different colours and techniques. The pigments in Moot Green – Air Paint provide excellent coverage, creating a foundation that other colours can build upon. This paint is perfect for creating a natural and earthy look, making it a great option for miniatures and armies that are supposed to be grounded in nature.

What Space Marine armies to paint with Moot Green – Air Paint

  • Ultramarines – The Ultramarines are one of the most iconic and recognizable chapters of the Space Marines in the Warhammer 40K universe. Moot Green is a great choice for painting their armor, as it creates a striking contrast with the chapter’s traditional blue and gold color scheme.
  • Iron Hands – The Iron Hands are a chapter known for their heavy use of cybernetic enhancements and industrial aesthetic. Moot Green pairs well with the metallic hues commonly associated with the chapter, creating a cohesive and striking look for their armor and machinery.
  • Raven Guard – The Raven Guard are a chapter known for their stealth and surprise tactics, and are often depicted in dark and muted colors. Moot Green provides a subtle and natural-looking camo pattern that can be used to great effect on their armor and vehicles.

The decision to list these specific armies was made because Moot Green is a great color to use as a basecoat for many Space Marine chapters. It’s a great color for both camo and as a highlight. It’s a versatile color that gives a natural and subtle look to the miniatures.

Moot Green – Air Paint Colour Schemes & Combinations

  • Calgar Blue: Calgar Blue is a great color to use as a highlight color for Moot Green as it is a cool color that will complement the warm tones of Moot Green well.
  • Screaming Skull: Screaming Skull is a bone color that can be used to great effect when painting details such as bone or horns. It will provide a nice contrast to the green and will make the details stand out.
  • Abaddon Black: Abaddon Black is a dark color that can be used to create shadows and depth on a miniature painted with Moot Green. It can be used to create a sense of depth and realism on a miniature, and it will complement the green color nicely.

I have chosen these colors as they are a great combination of colors to use with Moot Green to create a sense of depth and realism on a miniature. They are also colors that are commonly used in miniature painting, making them easy to find and use. They will complement the Moot Green well and provide a nice contrast, making the details stand out.

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