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Citadel Colour's Poxwalker paint is perfect for creating a sickly, decaying look on your miniatures. Its olive-green hue, when applied liberally, gives a putrid appearance that is sure to turn heads on the battlefield. Use it on your Nurgle-themed models for an extra dose of disease and decay.
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Poxwalker Paint Review

Citadel Colour’s Poxwalker paint is a robust and versatile base coat with a rich, dark hue that creates an excellent foundation for your models. Its high-quality acrylic formula features finely-milled pigments that provide superior coverage, making it an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned miniature painters alike. With a matte finish, this paint is perfect for creating a variety of colors and effects to expand your palette for miniature painting.

What armies to paint with Poxwalker

  • Death Guard: The Death Guard faction is known for its corrupted and decaying army. The Poxwalker paint could be used to create a gruesome and diseased look to their infantry and tanks, highlighting their mutation and corrosion.
  • Chaos Space Marines: The Chaos Space Marine faction has a diverse range of units, including infantry, bikes, tanks and daemon engines. Poxwalker could be used to create a dark and twisted atmosphere for this army, as its deep color can be used to create a variety of dark effects and shading.
  • Orks: The Orks faction has a wide range of units with varying armor and weapons, including tanks, guns, and infantry. Poxwalker can be used to create a weathered and rough texture for the Orks’ armor, as well as a variety of effects for their weaponry. The paint’s dark hue could also create an excellent base coat for the Orks’ skin color.

These factions were chosen because they all have units that lend themselves well to a dark and decayed aesthetic, which can be achieved with the Poxwalker paint.

Poxwalker Colour Schemes & Combinations

Here is a list of pink, black, and bone Citadel Colour paints that can be used together with Poxwalker:

  • Pink – Emperor’s Children: This is a bright, vibrant pink that can be used as a highlight color on the Poxwalker’s skin or clothing.
  • Black – Abaddon Black: A rich, deep black that can be used for shading and creating shadows on the Poxwalker’s clothing and other details.
  • Bone – Ushabti Bone: This is a light, creamy bone color that can be used for highlighting and adding depth to the Poxwalker’s bones and other skeletal features.

To make this list, I used several color theory concepts to create a balanced and cohesive color combo that would work well with the Poxwalker model. Firstly, I considered complementary colors, which are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. In this case, pink and green are complementary colors, and since the Poxwalker has a lot of green in its skin and clothing, adding a pink highlight would help balance out the overall color scheme.

Analogous colors were also considered. Analogous colors are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Pink, red and purple are all close to each other on the color wheel, so using a bright pink color will add some vibrancy to the Poxwalker’s overall color scheme.

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