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Macragge Blue - Spray Paint Citadel Colour

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Citadel Colour's Macragge Blue spray paint is perfect for quickly basecoating models in a striking blue hue. The fine mist of the spray allows for a smooth and even application, ensuring that your miniatures are ready for further painting and detailing in no time. With a strong pigment and excellent coverage, Macragge Blue is a reliable choice for any hobbyist looking to add some color to their army.
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Macragge Blue – Spray Paint Review

Macragge Blue is a high-quality spray paint from Citadel Colour that is perfect for painting Space Marine armies or other blue-themed miniatures. This paint is designed to provide a smooth and even coverage, with a vibrant and deep blue hue that evokes the iconic Ultramarines chapter. It is easy to use, dries quickly, and provides a consistent finish that is perfect for both beginner and experienced painters alike. Whether you’re painting a whole army or just a few miniatures, Macragge Blue is an excellent choice for achieving a professional-looking finish with minimal effort.

What Space Marine armies to paint with Macragge Blue – Spray

As an expert in the Warhammer 40K universe, I would recommend using Macragge Blue – Spray on the following Space Marine armies: Ultramarines, Dark Angels, and Space Wolves.

  • Ultramarines are the most iconic chapter of Space Marines and are known for their blue and gold color scheme. Using Macragge Blue on their armor will provide a deep, rich blue that is perfect for recreating the Ultramarines’ iconic look.
  • Dark Angels are a chapter of Space Marines with a green and bone white color scheme, but they also incorporate blue as a secondary color. Using Macragge Blue on their armor will give them a unique and striking appearance, while still maintaining their traditional color scheme.
  • Finally, Space Wolves are a chapter of Space Marines with a grey and blue color scheme, making Macragge Blue a perfect choice for painting their armor. The blue hue will help to bring out the details in their intricate machinery and weapons, while the grey fur will provide a striking contrast.

The decision to recommend these armies was based on their visual distinctiveness within the Space Marine factions. They each have their own unique color schemes that incorporate blue in different ways, making Macragge Blue a versatile paint choice for a range of Space Marine armies. Furthermore, these armies have a diverse range of soldiers, machinery, guns, tanks, and infantry, which will allow for a varied painting experience with Macragge Blue as the primary color.

Macragge Blue – Spray Colour Schemes & Combinations

to consider color theory and complementary and split-complementary color combinations. For a grey, yellow, and silver color combo, I would recommend the following:

  • Administratum Grey for a neutral, light grey base color that can be used to highlight and contrast the other colors.
  • Yriel Yellow for a vibrant, intense yellow hue that pairs well with the blue and silver accents.
  • Runefang Steel for a bright, metallic silver color that adds depth and dimension to the overall scheme.

Analogous colors can also be used to balance the color scheme, such as incorporating a pale blue or green hue to complement the Macragge Blue. Additionally, highlighting and shading techniques can be employed to create a sense of depth and shadow, further enhancing the balance of the color combo.

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