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Terminatus Stone Dry Paint Citadel Colour

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The Terminatus Stone from Citadel Colour is a high-quality paint that delivers a stunning finish for miniature models and other hobby projects. With its finely ground pigment and smooth consistency, this paint is perfect for achieving a realistic stone texture on your models. It dries quickly and is easy to apply, making it an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced hobbyists.
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Terminatus Stone Paint Review

The Terminatus Stone paint from Citadel Colour is a textured, gritty base coat that provides a solid foundation for your miniature painting endeavors.

With its fine pigments and unique blend of acrylic and other materials, it creates a distinct, matt finish that will make your miniatures stand out on the tabletop.

Whether you’re a seasoned miniature painter or just starting out, this versatile colour for miniatures is the perfect addition to your palette. It provides excellent coverage and is ideal for building up rough and weathered textures that mimic the grit and grime of the Warhammer 40K universe.

What armies to paint with Terminatus Stone

To create this list of factions that work well with this paint, we considered the color scheme of each army and how well Terminatus Stone would complement and enhance their appearance. Here are three armies that you can paint with Terminatus Stone:

  • Imperial Guard: The Imperial Guard are the mainstay of the Imperium and a great choice to pair with Terminatus Stone. This paint is perfect for the worn-out, battle-scarred appearance of the infantry, tanks and artillery of the Imperial Guard. The strong earth tone of Terminatus Stone can give a feeling of solidity and grounding to their overall look.
  • Adeptus Mechanicus: The Adeptus Mechanicus is a faction of the Imperium known for their advanced technology and robotics. The brass-colored elements of their armour and machinery can be accentuated by Terminatus Stone, creating a striking contrast that will make these miniatures pop. The warm undertones of Terminatus Stone will also bring a sense of balance to the cool, metallic hues of their gear.
  • Space Wolves: The Space Wolves are a proud and noble chapter of Space Marines who hail from the frozen world of Fenris. Terminatus Stone is ideal for painting the weathered stone or metal parts of their weapons, armor, and vehicles, such as their iconic Land Raiders. The neutral tone of Terminatus Stone will also make a great base for layering with other colors, such as silver and blue, to create a rich and nuanced look.

Terminatus Stone Colour Schemes & Combinations

The combination of Terminatus Stone with blue, orange, and bone Citadel Color paints can result in a visually striking and balanced miniature.

Starting with blue, we can use colours like Etherium Blue or Cygnus Yellow to add a cool and calming balance to the warm earthy tones of Terminatus Stone. These colours create a split-complementary colour combination that can provide depth and interest to the base coats of your miniature’s armor and machinery.

Next, adding pops of orange like Wild Rider Red or Fire Dragon Bright can bring a bold and energetic accent to your miniatures. These colours provide a complementary contrast to Terminatus Stone, drawing attention to the important details and features of your models.

Finally, using bone coloured paints like Zandri Dust or Ushabti Bone as highlight and shading tones can help create a harmonious and cohesive look on your models. These colours are analogous to Terminatus Stone, blending seamlessly to provide a subtle and natural foundation for your miniature painting palette.

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