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Arvus Lighter Squadron

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Soar into the skies of Warhammer The Horus Heresy with the Arvus Lighter Squadron. Experience tactical aerial supremacy and unveil the might of these Legions Imperialis flyers. Explore their impact in your battles today!
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The Arvus Lighter stands as a remarkable achievement in the Imperium’s aviation history, a fact that became even more evident with the launch of its new resin model.

Elevating this legacy, the Arvus Lighter Squadron brings not just one, but a whole fleet of these agile aircrafts in plastic form, marking a significant addition to the Warhammer The Horus Heresy series.

Due to their size, fitting these aircraft into a standard box was a challenge, thus the Arvus Lighter Squadron is presented as a complete squadron, ready to enhance your games of Legions Imperialis.

These flyers are invaluable in gameplay, utilizing their speed to zip in from the edges of the board. They excel in strafing runs, bombing raids, and particularly in delivering cargo, leveraging their speed and agility.

Unarmed but swift, the Arvus Lighter is ideal for deploying elite Solar Auxilia units into critical zones. While not large enough for entire tercios, each Lighter can carry a pair of detachments.

When assembled into squadrons, they become a formidable force, capable of transporting an entire assault team to the frontlines. Additionally, the Arvus Lighter boasts impressive armor, a notable feature for such an economical craft.

Perfect for both strategic deployment and as a collector’s item, the Arvus Lighter Squadron stands as a testament to the advanced engineering and tactical acumen of the Legions Imperialis.

Whether fielded in your epic battles or displayed in your collection, these aircraft add a dynamic element to your Legions Imperialis miniatures.

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