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The Clamavus emerges as a masterful agent of disruption, infiltrating the planetary vox network with audio-viruses and systematically disentangling communications. Their pivotal role involves enveloping their surroundings in an atmosphere of fear and bewilderment, skillfully manipulated by their fellow kin.
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Incorporating the Clamavus into your Genestealer Cults army presents a strategic advantage. As an Elites choice, this character enhances your nearby troops by bolstering their Leadership and refining advance and charge rolls. This synergy is particularly potent when combined with close-combat units, creating a formidable tandem. Furthermore, the Clamavus holds the power to obstruct enemy reinforcements and administer fatal wounds through the utilization of its cutting-edge scrambler array.

Within this kit, you have the opportunity to assemble a singular Clamavus, enriched by a selection of head options – one adorned with goggles and another without. This customization aspect allows you to infuse your distinct touch into the model, or to seamlessly incorporate multiple Clamavus units into your army formation. The Clamavus emerges not only as a tactical asset but as a canvas for your creative vision.

What’s in the Clamavus box

  • x11 plastic components that make one Clamavus miniature.
  • x1 Citadel 32mm round base.

How to paint the Clamavus set

  1. Step 1: Base Color
    Start by applying a base color to your Clamavus. A deep and rich hue like Abaddon Black serves as a strong starting point for your miniature.
  2. Step 2: Robes
    Direct your attention to the Clamavus’s robes. Use a dark shade like Rhinox Hide to paint these areas. Building up the color with multiple layers adds depth and texture to the fabric.
  3. Step 3: Goggle Eyes
    If your Clamavus has a head with goggles, paint them with a color like Lothern Blue. This detail brings the character to life and adds a unique touch to the model.
  4. Step 4: Metallic Array
    Turn your focus to the Clamavus’s equipment. Paint metallic parts, like the scrambler array, with a metallic color such as Leadbelcher. These accents lend a realistic touch to the miniature.
  5. Step 5: Skin and Details
    Paint the Clamavus’s skin using a flesh tone like Cadian Fleshtone. This color choice adds realism and a human touch to the character. Don’t forget to also paint smaller details, like pouches or belt buckles, with complementary shades.
  6. Step 6: Contrast
    For the final touch, paint any remaining details, like the Clamavus’s coat collar, with a contrasting color such as Averland Sunset. This small addition makes a big impact on the overall appearance.
  7. Step 7: Optional Effects
    If you’re feeling adventurous, consider adding optional effects like shading. A wash, like Nuln Oil, can be applied to crevices to create shadows and depth.

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