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Boarding Patrol: Aeldari

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Enhance your Warhammer 40,000 experience with the Boarding Patrol: Aeldari set, featuring the swift and skilled Aeldari warriors led by Jain Zar. Dive into the realm of strategic play and discover the unique abilities of this elite force.
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Once rulers of the galaxy, the Aeldari now traverse the cosmos on their nomadic craftworlds and Corsair fleets. The Boarding Patrol: Aeldari box set showcases these ancient warriors, renowned for their unparalleled combat skills. Perfect for embarking on Boarding Action missions in Warhammer 40,000, particularly those detailed in the Arks of Omen series, this set is an essential addition for any collector or player.

At the heart of this set is the iconic Phoenix Lord Jain Zar. She spearheads the raiding party with her Howling Banshees, elite warriors who wield power blades and emit paralyzing screams. Their extraordinary melee prowess is complemented by the formidable Corsairs. These piratical Aeldari excel in close-quarters combat within the confines of a starship, equipped with an array of exotic weaponry.

Each miniature in this set represents the fallen empire’s enduring legacy, offering players a chance to bring a piece of Aeldari history to life. The Aeldari miniatures within are designed for dynamic customization and vivid portrayal on the battlefield.

For further exploration of the rich lore and background of the Aeldari, or to delve deeper into their role in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, visit our pages. Stay updated with the latest news and releases for these enigmatic warriors and enrich your Warhammer experience.

What’s in the Boarding Patrol: Aeldari box

This boxed set contains x411 plastic components that make x27 Aeldari Models:

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