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Iron Hands – March of Iron Strike Force

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Elevate your Warhammer 40,000 battles with the Iron Hands – March of Iron Strike Force, a premier selection of Iron Hands units led by the formidable Iron Father Feirros. Discover the strategic depth of heavy support and elite warriors; embrace the March of Iron today.
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The Iron Hands – March of Iron Strike Force set is the quintessential box set for those who align with the Iron Hands’ philosophy in Warhammer 40,000. Known for their rejection of human frailty, these warriors are relentless in their pursuit of mechanical purity and martial perfection.

Infused with the lore of the Iron Hands, each miniature embodies the chapter’s creed: the flesh is weak, but the machine is eternal. They excel in the role of defenders of the Imperium, showcasing unique abilities and an ironclad resolve that is reflected in the meticulous detail of these models.

Leading the charge is Iron Father Feirros, a figure of formidable might and tactical genius, encapsulating the Iron Hands‘ approach to warfare. His presence on the battlefield is a game-changer, ensuring the Iron Hands miniatures not only represent units but also the inviolable will of the chapter.

Explore the Space Marines lore page to delve deeper into their stoic lifes, discover the full range of their multipart kit offerings, and prepare to march alongside the indomitable Iron Father Feirros.

What’s in the Iron Hands – March of Iron Strike Force box

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