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Krootox Rampagers

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Unleash the Krootox Rampagers on your battlefield, a devastating close combat unit blending Kroot ferocity with the brute strength of juvenile Krootox. Perfect for dynamic and aggressive tactics in your Warhammer 40,000 games.
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Krootox Rampagers are formidable skirmish cavalry that blend the brute force of juvenile Krootox with the savage finesse of Kroot riders. These units excel in quick, unexpected strikes, disrupting enemy lines and paving the way for the main force.

The set assembles three Krootox Rampagers, each pairing a fierce Kroot rider with a powerful Krootox mount. Riders are equipped with pistols and long blades for close combat and carry quivers of hunting javelins for ranged attacks. The Krootox charge on robust arms, their natural strength making them a nightmare in melee clashes.

Krootox Rampagers Miniatures

Enhance your Rampagers with several customization options included in the kit. Choose from a variety of interchangeable heads and weapon arms for the Kroot, and accessorize your figures with additional grenades, knives, and armor plates. This attention to detail allows each unit to look distinct, enhancing the visual appeal of your T’au Empire force on the tabletop.

What’s in the Krootox Rampagers box

  • x77 plastic components that make 3 Krootox Rampagers Models
  • x3 Citadel 50mm Round Bases

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