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Legion Cataphractii Praetor & Chaplain Consul

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Elevate your Legiones Astartes forces with two formidable HQ choices using this kit. The Cataphractii-armored Praetor, known for his resilience, can withstand a barrage of attacks while wielding devastating weaponry. Meanwhile, the Chaplain Consul inspires his comrades with his charismatic presence and wields the deadly Crozius Arcanum.
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Forge powerful leaders for your Legiones Astartes armies with this multipart plastic kit. It enables you to assemble a formidable Legion Cataphractii Praetor and a devout Legion Chaplain Consul, both serving as ideal commanders. The Cataphractii Praetor’s imposing Cataphractii Terminator armor provides unparalleled resilience, allowing him to lead from the front lines with a roaring chainfist and deadly combi-melta, or he can be deployed as a Legion Cataphractii Centurion. The Legion Chaplain Consul, part of the Chaplain Order, inspires allies with his plasma pistol and ornate Crozius Arcanium, embodying the martial oaths of the Astartes. These models, free from Legion markings, can be painted to match your chosen Legion, and a transfer sheet is included for optional iconography, catering to both Sons of Horus and Imperial Fists Legions.

What’s in the Legion Cataphractii Praetor & Chaplain Consul box

  • x12 plastic components that make one Legion Cataphractii Praetor and one Legion Chaplain Consul.
  • x1 Citadel 32mm Round Base (Chaplain).
  • x1 Citadel 40mm Round Base (Praetor).
  • x1 Legiones Astartes Infantry Transfer Sheet.

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