Warhammer 40K’s New “Auric Champions” and “Stompa Boyz” Boxes Unavailable Hours After Release

Warhammer's latest offerings, "Auric Champions" and "Stompa Boyz," sold out remarkably fast, underscoring the fervent anticipation and popularity among Warhammer 40K enthusiasts.
Stompa Boyz and Auric Champions are Sold Out
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These new box sets were snapped up within hours of their release at the official Warhammer Store and major retailers, demonstrating a strong demand in the Warhammer 40,000 community.

The most in demand box seems to be the Ork’s new battleforce, with most the online retailers marking it as “Sold-out” at the time of writing.

Important to know: Both boxes will be shipped from 27th April 2024

Where can you still pre-order the boxes?

Here’s the current availability status as of 04:20 AM PT:

StoreStompa BoyzAuric Champions
Warhammer EUSold-outSold-out
Warhammer USSold-outSold-out
Wayland GamesSold-outSold-out
Firestorm Games (EU only)Sold-outSold-out
Ars Manufactorea (EU Only) Sold-outSold-out
The Outpost (UK Only)Sold-outSold-out
Frontline GamingSold-outSold-out
Table showing the availability of the new boxes at top W40k shops at 05:20 AM PT, Sunday 14th April.

Detailed Overview of the New Releases

Auric Champions Battleforce

Battleforce Auric Champions Set
Battleforce Auric Champions Set

This set marks a significant addition to the Adeptus Custodes lineup, celebrated for their resilience and superior combat capabilities on the tabletop.

The “Auric Champions” box set allows players to delve into the golden era of warfare, characterized by the Custodes’ exceptional martial prowess and advanced technology.

Read more about the new battleforce box here!

Stompa Boyz Battleforce

Stompa Boyz Battleforce New Box Set
Stompa Boyz Battleforce New Box Set

Tailored for fans of the Ork faction, this set features the iconic Stompa, a massive model bristling with weaponry, epitomizing the peak of Ork ingenuity and firepower.

The box also includes 10 Boyz and 10 Lootas, enhancing any Ork army with their combat and scavenging prowess, respectively.

A Trukk is included for rapid troop movement, and a Big Mek leads the force, known for his technological wits and battlefield command.

Read more about the new ork battleforce box here!

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