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Auric Champions Battleforce

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The Auric Champions Battleforce is the brand new miniature box set to start your W40K Adeptus Custodes army. The set was announced during Warhammer World 2024.
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Step into the golden era of warfare with the Adeptus Custodes Auric Champions Battleforce, a new addition to the Warhammer 40,000 range of Box Sets.

On the tabletop, Adeptus Custodes units are renowned for their resilience and combat effectiveness, making them formidable opponents.

They excel in both offensive and defensive strategies thanks to their superior stat lines, elite units equipped with powerful wargear, and abilities that allow them to dominate key positions on the battlefield.


This makes them a highly tactical choice for players looking to field an army that can withstand heavy assaults while delivering precise, high-impact attacks against their adversaries.

This new elite box set opens the gates to the Adeptus Custodes faction, showcasing their unparalleled martial prowess and divine technology.

At the heart of this collection stands the Shield Captain, a paragon of virtue and strategy, leading his forces with a grace unmatched by any foe.

Surrounding him are the Custodian Wardens, five warriors clad in ornate armor, each a master of melee combat and guardian of the Emperor’s will.

Also featured are six Allarus Terminators, heavy hitters in the Custodes lineup, armored in the thickest plate and ready to break the enemy lines with their overwhelming force.

Soaring above the battlefield, six Vertus Praetors on Dawneagle Jetbikes exemplify the mobility and striking power of the Custodes, delivering swift justice from the skies.

This set not only enhances your Adeptus Custodes armies with its diverse unit types but also offers countless customization options to embody the golden host’s majestic warfare.

Auric Champions Battleforce Box Contents

Auric Champions Battleforce Review

So, you’re eyeing the Auric Champions Battleforce, huh? I’ve spent some time mulling over this set, especially for those new to the Adeptus Custodes or looking to bolster their golden ranks. Let’s dive in.

First off, the star of the show is the new Shield Captain model. It’s a fresh face in the Custodes lineup and snagging it before its separate release is definitely a win.

There’s something special about having a model before anyone else, right? Plus, this captain is more than just a figurehead; it’s a centerpiece, something that adds a bit of novelty to your army and painting queue.

Now, onto the meat of the box: five Custodian Wardens, six Allarus Terminators, and six Vertus Praetors. That’s a lot of gold and a lot of power.

For someone like me, just starting out with the Custodes, it’s a goldmine – literally and figuratively. You get a mix of heavy hitters and fast movers, perfect for experimenting with different tactics and finding your style.

I’ve heard some grumbles about the box not being ideal for veterans packed with Allarus and bikes. I get that. If you’ve been collecting Custodes for a while, you might not need more of the same. But let’s be honest, can you ever have too many golden warriors? And for the newcomers, it’s a treasure trove – an instant army ready to assemble and paint.

Wrapping up, here’s my take: the Auric Champions Battleforce is a solid pick. Sure, it might not revolutionize your existing army if you’re a seasoned player, but it’s a fantastic way for new players to jump in. And honestly, even as someone who’s seen a few battles, I find the appeal of adding that many detailed, regal models to my collection hard to resist.

Whether you’re building your first army or looking for an excuse to add more Custodes to your ranks, this set has something to offer. And hey, who knows when we’ll get new units, right? So, this might just be the best time to invest in the gold rush.

Comparing the Auric Champions Battleforce Box with other W40K Boxed Sets

Curious about the value of this set? Find out how the Auric Champions Battleforce shines compared to other similar Warhammer 40k boxed sets:

Box NamePriceNo of MiniaturesExtras
Auric Champions Battleforce$21018Bases
Watchers of The Gate$23022Bases
Combat Patrol: Adeptus Custodes$16025Bases, Transfer Sheets
Deathwing Assault Box$22018Bases, Datasheet Cards, Upgrade Frames, Transfer Sheets, Codex Supplement
Leviathan Box$25072Bases, Leviathan Book, Space Marines Transfer Sheet, Leviathan Mission Deck

Auric Champions Battleforce Box Price per Country

United States$210
United Kingdom£125

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