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Blood For The Blood God

Blood For The Blood God Technical Paint Citadel Colour

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Blood for the Blood God is a technical paint from Citadel Colour that allows miniature hobbyists to add realistic blood effects to their models. The paint has a glossy finish and dries to a realistic, dark red color, perfect for adding gruesome details to models such as gore-splattered weapons or wounds.
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Blood For The Blood God Paint Review

The Blood For The Blood God paint from Citadel Colour is a vivid, vibrant red that brings life to the miniature. With its high-quality pigments and acrylic base, it provides full coverage with just a single coat and leaves behind a satin finish. This paint acts as a foundation for the darker shadows and brighter highlights, creating a beautiful contrast that sets the scene for your miniature’s battlefield. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned painter, Blood For The Blood God is a must-have in your palette to bring your Warhammer 40K armies to life.

What armies to paint with Blood For The Blood God

As a Warhammer 40K expert, I would recommend using Blood For The Blood God paint on the following armies:

  • Chaos Space Marines: The deep red shade of Blood For The Blood God is perfect for representing the demonic, corrupted nature of Chaos Space Marines, who worship the Chaos gods. The paint’s high pigmentation allows for vivid and intense blood effects, making it ideal for highlighting the carnage and violence that Chaos Space Marines embody.
  • Khorne Daemonkin: The followers of Khorne, the god of war and bloodshed, are an excellent choice to paint with Blood For The Blood God. The paint is perfect for bringing out the violent nature of the Daemonkin, and can be used to highlight the detailed weaponry and armor to create a fearsome and bloody appearance.
  • Death Guard: The Death Guard are the epitome of disease and decay, and the deep red hue of Blood For The Blood God is ideal for representing the rotted and putrid nature of this army. The paint’s versatility makes it a great choice for highlighting the sickness and corruption that is inherent in the Death Guard, making them a formidable force on the battlefield.

Considering the themes of bloodshed and violence that these armies represent in the Warhammer 40K universe led to the choice to list them. Blood For The Blood God is the perfect choice for emphasizing the blood and cruelty of these factions, providing their soldiers and equipment a menacing aspect on the battlefield because of its vivid pigmentation and rich colour.

Blood For The Blood God Colour Schemes & Combinations

To create a striking and dynamic contrast, it is recommended to use the following Citadel Colour paints in combination with Blood For The Blood God:

  • Pink Horror makes a bold and eye-catching accent when paired with the deep, rich red of Blood For The Blood God. Use Pink as an accent color on intricate details, such as ornate armor or intricate sigils.
  • The Fang, a white shade, serves as a great highlight color for Blood For The Blood God, bringing out the rich depths of the red pigment. Use it on raised edges, armor plate edges, and other areas that would catch the light.
  • Balthasar Gold provides a sense of opulence and luxury when paired with Blood For The Blood God, lending a touch of decadence to the army. Use it on weapons, gilded edges, and other metal accents.

In colour theory, complementary colours, such as pink and red, provide a high level of contrast and visual interest when paired together. Additionally, the addition of white and gold enhances the overall look, providing highlight and balance to the palette. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced miniature painter, these colours offer a winning combination for any Warhammer 40K army.

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