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Coelia Greenshade

Coelia Greenshade Shade Paint Citadel Colour

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Coelia Greenshade from Citadel Colour is a deep, rich green paint that is perfect for adding depth and shadow to your miniatures. With its smooth consistency and excellent coverage, this paint is ideal for shading and highlighting all types of models. Its vivid color makes it a standout choice for fantasy and sci-fi miniatures alike.
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Coelia Greenshade Paint Review

Citadel Colour’s Coelia Greenshade is a high-quality acrylic paint designed for use in miniature painting. It features a rich, heavily pigmented formula that dries to a matte finish, creating the perfect foundation for any miniature model. As a part of Citadel’s extensive palette of colors for miniatures, Coelia Greenshade offers great coverage, making it a good option for beginners and experts alike. Its unique formulation allows it to add depth and definition to recesses, shading and enhancing the natural details of your miniature models.

What Xenos armies to paint with Coelia Greenshade

Coelia Greenshade is a highly versatile shade that can work well with a variety of different factions and armies, but it tends to be particularly effective when used with models that feature intricate details and organic shapes

  • Craftworlds – The Craftworlds are an ancient and highly advanced race of Eldar. They are known for their sophisticated technology and elegant, flowing armour designs. Coelia Greenshade works well for highlighting the intricate details of the Eldar armour and machinery, adding depth to the already rich color palette of their armour.
  • T’au Empire – The T’au Empire is a highly advanced faction of blue-skinned, humanoid aliens who utilize cutting-edge technology and firepower to achieve victory on the battlefield. Coelia Greenshade can be used to create a unique and striking contrast with the bright blue T’au armor, and it helps to bring out the fine details of their advanced weapons and equipment.
  • Tyranids – The Tyranids are a terrifying and highly adaptable race of insectoid aliens that seek to consume all organic life in the galaxy. Coelia Greenshade can be used to add an extra layer of depth and complexity to the Tyranid models, especially when used in combination with other Citadel shades and washes. The shades can help to add realistic-looking depth to the creatures’ carapaces, creating a unique and impressive look for the army.

The Eldar, T’au, and Tyranid armies are all known for their complex and visually striking designs, making them a great choice for painting with this shade. By using Coelia Greenshade alongside other Citadel paints, you can create a visually stunning army that stands out on the tabletop.

Coelia Greenshade Colour Schemes & Combinations

Here’s a list of black, blue, and gold Citadel Colour paints that can be used together with Coelia Greenshade:

  • Black – Abaddon Black is a great choice for creating a dramatic and high-contrast color scheme. When used with Coelia Greenshade, it can help to create a stark and powerful highlight effect.
  • Blue – Kantor Blue is a rich and vibrant blue color that can be used to create a complementary color combo with Coelia Greenshade. Together, they create a bold and eye-catching look that can add a pop of color to any miniature model.
  • Gold – Gehenna’s Gold is a rich, metallic gold paint that can be used to create a balanced and cohesive color combo with Coelia Greenshade. Together, they create a striking and visually appealing contrast that can highlight the details of the miniature model.

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