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Deathworld Forest – Air Paint

Deathworld Forest - Air Paint Citadel Colour

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Deathworld Forest is a deep, earthy green paint from Citadel Colour's Air Paint range, designed for easy application and quick-drying results. This paint is perfect for creating realistic forest landscapes or adding natural depth to miniatures.
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Deathworld Forest – Air Paint Paint Review

Deathworld Forest – Air Paint is a highly pigmented, matt finish paint that is perfect for miniature painting. The acrylic-based formula provides excellent coverage, making it an ideal choice for use as a base coat. The paint’s deep, earthy green hue is reminiscent of a dense, verdant forest, and it creates a perfect foundation for building up layers of detail and depth. The paint is easy to work with, providing smooth and even coverage, making it an excellent choice for beginner painters. It is a versatile paint that can be used to create a wide range of natural and organic effects, and it’s a perfect addition to any miniature painter’s palette.

What armies to paint with Deathworld Forest – Air Paint

There are various factions and forces in the Warhammer 40K universe that would benefit from using Deathworld Forest – Air Paint because of its rich, earthy green color.

  • The Imperial Guard – This army is known for its heavy use of tanks and artillery, and Deathworld Forest – Air Paint would be a great choice for creating a camouflage effect on these large, imposing machines. The paint’s natural, organic tone would also work well on the infantry, helping them to blend seamlessly into the battlefield.
  • The Adeptus Mechanicus – This army relies heavily on advanced machinery and technology, and Deathworld Forest – Air Paint would be a great choice for creating a weathered, industrial look on their gears and machines. The paint’s earthy green tone would complement the bronze and brass of the Mechanicus’ machinery.
  • The Necrons – This army is known for its ancient and mysterious nature, and Deathworld Forest – Air Paint would be a great choice for creating a sense of age and wear on the Necrons’ metallic bodies. The paint’s natural, organic tone would complement the Necrons’ metallic appearance, creating a sense of contrast and depth.

In conclusion, the organic and natural tones of Deathworld Forest – Air Paint would be advantageous for the armies that I have chosen. The earthy green color of the paint would make the Imperial Guard, Adeptus Mechanicus, and Necrons look camouflaged, weathered and industrial, and ancient and mysterious, respectively. It would be a fantastic option for adding depth and authenticity to the battlefield

Deathworld Forest – Air Paint Colour Schemes & Combinations

There are various things to think about when selecting paints to use with Deathworld Forest – Air Paint. The following Citadel Colour paints in the hues of flesh, crimson, and green would go well with Deathworld Forest – Air Paint:

  • Cadian Fleshtone is a great option for creating a natural-looking flesh tone. It is a light, pinkish-beige colour that works well as a base coat for skin.
  • Mephiston Red is a deep, rich red color, that will provide a nice contrast to the green of Deathworld Forest – Air Paint. It can be used to create a sense of danger, or to accentuate certain areas of the miniature.
  • Snot Green is a bright, neon green that would work well as a highlight color. It can be used to create a sense of luminosity and add some visual interest to the miniature.

The flesh color is used to give a natural look, red is used as a complementary color to generate a sense of contrast, and green is used as an analogous color to create depth and balance. These colors were chosen based on the principles of color theory. 

The miniature would have a realistic and lively appearance thanks to the mixture of Deathworld Forest – Air Paint, Cadian Fleshtone, Mephiston Red, and Snot Green. These paints can all be applied in various ways, such as to add depth and interest through shadows, highlights, and details.

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