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Hexwraith Flame Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Citadel Colour's Hexwraith Flame paint is a highly distinctive and vibrant green paint that gives a spectral, ethereal glow to miniatures. Designed for use on undead and other ghostly models, this paint is perfect for adding a spooky and otherworldly touch to your miniature collection.
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Hexwraith Flame Paint Review

Citadel Colour’s Hexwraith Flame is an otherworldly paint that shimmers like a ghostly apparition. This acrylic paint is specially designed as a base coat for miniatures, with a translucent, yet vivid colour that evokes the eerie glow of a haunted flame. Hexwraith Flame is formulated with high-quality pigments that provide a solid foundation of coverage, making it an excellent choice for beginners or anyone seeking a versatile and unique addition to their miniature painting palette. With a smooth, matt finish, Hexwraith Flame is a must-have colour for those looking to add some spectral intrigue to their models.

What armies to paint with Hexwraith Flame

Hexwraith Flame is a unique and versatile color that can be used to paint various Warhammer 40K armies, creating striking visual effects on their armor, machinery, and weaponry. Here are three possible armies that could benefit from a coat of Hexwraith Flame:

  • Adeptus Mechanicus: Hexwraith Flame’s ghostly, eerie color could make a great contrast to the red of the Adeptus Mechanicus’ iconic robes, and would make their metallic bodies stand out even more. It could be used to great effect on their Skitarii soldiers’ weapons and armour, as well as their tanks and artillery.
  • Necrons: Hexwraith Flame’s ethereal, ghostly quality is a perfect fit for the undying and immortal Necrons. It could be used to great effect on their Gauss weaponry, vehicles, and the armor of their Necron Warriors.
  • Chaos Daemons: The striking, shimmering color of Hexwraith Flame could be a great fit for the otherworldly Chaos Daemons of the Warhammer 40K universe. It would look great on the armor, weapons, and machinery of their daemonic hordes, and could add a creepy, haunting quality to their infantry and war engines.

The general aesthetics and narrative of the factions were taken into consideration when choosing to offer these particular armies. The spectral Hexwraith Flame would compliment the mechanical and cybernetic advancements of the Adeptus Mechanicus. 

The spooky ghostly nature of the paint would be advantageous to Necrons as an immortal species and would also suit with the unearthly appearance of the Chaos Daemons. In the end, the decision comes down to personal preference and army vision.

Hexwraith Flame Colour Schemes & Combinations

Hexwraith Flame can be used with adjacent or analogous colors on the color wheel to get a striking color combination. The following three Citadel Color paints can be combined with Hexwraith Flame:

  • Retributor Armour: As a metallic gold paint, Retributor Armour would complement the spectral, shimmering quality of Hexwraith Flame. This color combo is a classic complementary color pairing, with the gold acting as a highlight to the ghostly, ethereal green of the Hexwraith Flame.
  • Cadian Fleshtone: As a flesh-tone paint, Cadian Fleshtone can be used to create a strong contrast with the spectral green of Hexwraith Flame. This is a split-complementary color pairing, where the brown tones of Cadian Fleshtone complement the green while providing a distinct contrast to the cool spectral hues.
  • Rhinox Hide: As a rich brown paint, Rhinox Hide can be used to create depth and shadows when paired with Hexwraith Flame. This is an analogous color pairing, where the two colors are adjacent on the color wheel. Rhinox Hide can be used to darken the Hexwraith Flame, create shading, and balance out the bright, ghostly green.

The choice of these particular hues was made based on their similar or complimentary relationships to Hexwraith Flame as well as their capacity to produce balance, contrast, and depth. A painter can produce a dramatic color combination that can be utilized to great effect on miniatures and models by combining these colors with Hexwraith Flame.

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