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Rhinox Hide

Rhinox Hide Base Paint Citadel Colour

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Rhinox Hide is a versatile colour that works well on a variety of miniature palettes, making it a valuable addition to any miniature painter's collection. 
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Rhinox Hide Paint Review

Rhinox Hide is a versatile colour that works well on a variety of miniature palettes, making it a valuable addition to any miniature painter’s collection. 

It is often used to paint the armor and weapons of soldiers and warriors, giving them a sense of rugged durability and strength. 

This paint’s pigments provide good coverage, making it a dependable choice for beginners wishing to create a strong foundation for their miniature painting.

Rhinox Hide can be used to create a coherent and visually appealing miniature army when painting armies such as the Space Wolves, Chaos Space Marines, or Tyranids.

What armies can you paint with Rhinox Hide?

There are numerous factions and armies to choose from in the huge and varied Warhammer 40K universe, each with their own distinct aesthetics and themes. 

Three armies that potentially benefit from the usage of Rhinox Hide in their miniature painting schemes are as follows:

  • The Space Wolves: These soldiers are fierce and violent creatures famed for their bulky, wolf-themed armor and weapons. Rhinox Hide would be an excellent choice for painting the metal and ceramic plates of their armor, giving the miniatures a sense of grit and savagery. It might also be utilized to draw attention to the barrels of their weapons and machinery, giving them a sense of power and might.
  • Chaos Space Marines: The warped and corrupted Chaos Marines are the Imperium’s sworn antagonists, and their legions are replete with chaotic and unpredictable warriors and machines. Rhinox Hide would be ideal for the Chaos aesthetic, lending a gloomy and sinister appearance to their armor, firearms, and tanks. It might also be used to impart their machinery a sense of deterioration and corrosion, fitting with their unstable and chaotic character.
  • Tyranids: The Tyranids are a race of enormous and insatiable alien beings that devour everything in their path. Rhinox Hide would be an excellent tone for painting the Tyranid warriors’ carapaces and exoskeletons, providing a sense of exotic terror to the figurines. It might also be employed to draw attention to the intricate intricacies and designs on their armor, giving them the impression of alien intelligence and might.

Rhinox Hide Colour Schemes & Combinations

Choosing the proper pigments to use together is a key component of making a cohesive and aesthetically appealing miniature.

  • Celestra Grey: This delicate, light grey tone might be used as a highlight color on Rhinox Hide to provide contrast and depth to the miniature. The two colours might be used together to simulate wear and tear, with the Rhinox Hide representing the underlying metals or plate and the Celestra Grey symbolizing chipped or damaged paint.
  • Averland Sunset: This reddish orange shade may be used as a companion to Rhinox Hide, creating a vivid and distinctive contrast. The two colours might be combined to indicate heat or energy, with Rhinox Hide symbolizing iron or armor and Averland Sunset symbolizing flames or warning signals.
  • Coelia Greenshade: A dark, forest green tone that can be applied as a split-complementary color to Rhinox Hide, delivering a harmonious and subtle contrast. The two colours might be used to create a sense of concealment or subtlety.

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