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Hoeth Blue Layer Paint Citadel Colour

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Hoeth Blue by Citadel Colour is a premium acrylic color made specifically for painting miniatures. The paint has a rich pigment content, a smooth, matt finish, and offers great coverage for a uniform base coat.
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Hoeth Blue Paint Review

Citadel Colour’s Hoeth Blue is a high-quality acrylic paint designed for miniature painting. The paint has a smooth, matt finish and is rich in pigments, providing excellent coverage and a consistent base coat. It is a versatile color that can be used as a foundation for other colors on the palette, making it a great choice for beginners looking to expand their miniature painting skills. With its deep, rich blue tones, Hoeth Blue is a perfect addition to any miniature painter’s palette.

What vehicle armies to paint with Hoeth Blue

  • The Space Marine Land Raider – The Land Raider is a heavily armored tank that is used by the Space Marines in the Warhammer 40K universe. Its blue-grey color scheme makes it a perfect candidate for a Hoeth Blue base coat, which can then be highlighted and shaded to bring out the details of the tank’s machinery and guns.
  • The Imperial Guard Chimera – The Chimera is a multi-role armored transport vehicle used by the Imperial Guard. It is a popular choice for players looking to field large numbers of infantry in their armies. Hoeth Blue is a great color for the base coat of the Chimera as it provides an excellent foundation for the other colors used to paint the vehicle’s details and markings.
  • The Necron Night Scythe – The Necron Night Scythe is a fast and agile hover-craft used to transport Necron Warriors into battle. It has a sleek, blue-grey color scheme that is perfect for Hoeth Blue as a base coat. Hoeth Blue is a great choice for painting the Night Scythe’s smooth, curved surfaces, as it helps to create a sense of motion and speed.

The decision to list these vehicles was made based on their popularity and the fact that their color schemes match well with Hoeth Blue. These vehicles are known for their heavy armor and machinery, which makes Hoeth Blue a perfect match for the base coat, creating a great foundation for other colors to highlight and shade the details.

Hoeth Blue Colour Schemes & Combinations

The following Citadel Colour paints can be used in combination with Hoeth Blue:

  • Mephiston Red – a warm, vibrant red that can be used as a highlight or accent colour to add contrast to Hoeth Blue
  • Teclis Blue – a cool blue-green that can be used as a shadow or to create a sense of depth in the colour scheme.
  • Rakarth Flesh – a neutral flesh tone that can be used to create a sense of realism and grounding in the colour scheme.

The decision to list these specific paints was made by considering colour theory and the use of complementary and split-complementary colour combinations. Hoeth Blue is a cool blue hue, and Mephiston Red, Teclis Blue, and Rakarth Flesh are all hues that complement and balance well with it. Additionally, these colours can be used to add metallic effects when using with the appropriate mediums.

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