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Dark Angels Green

Dark Angels Green Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Citadel Colour's Dark Angels Green paint is a rich, deep green hue that perfectly captures the dark and brooding nature of the Dark Angels Space Marine chapter. This paint is ideal for creating a range of effects, from battle-worn armor to lush forest terrain
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Dark Angels Green Paint Review

Citadel Colour’s Dark Angels Green is a deep, forest green paint that is perfect for creating the signature color of the Dark Angels Space Marines in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. As a base coat, Dark Angels Green offers excellent coverage and dries to a smooth, matt finish that is perfect for miniatures. With its high-quality pigments and easy-to-use acrylic formula, Dark Angels Green is a great addition to any miniature painting beginner’s palette and offers a solid foundation for creating an impressive color scheme for your Dark Angels Space Marines.

What armies to paint with Dark Angels Green

When it comes to choosing armies to paint with Citadel Colour’s Dark Angels Green, there are several great options within the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Here are three specific armies that could benefit from the use of this color:

  • Dark Angels Space Marines: The most obvious choice for Dark Angels Green would be the Dark Angels Space Marine faction. This paint color is named after this particular faction and is used to create the signature green armor of the Dark Angels. Whether you’re painting rank-and-file infantry, heavily armored Terminators, or powerful vehicles like Land Raiders or Predators, Dark Angels Green is an essential color for this army.
  • Death Guard Chaos Space Marines: While the Death Guard is primarily associated with a sickly green color, adding Dark Angels Green to the mix can create a unique and eye-catching color scheme. This color is perfect for painting the trim of the Death Guard’s armor or as an accent color on their weapons and vehicles.
  • Orks: Orks are known for their love of bright colors, and Dark Angels Green can provide an excellent base coat for painting their skin. By mixing Dark Angels Green with other colors like yellow or brown, you can create a unique, mossy green hue that will set your Orks apart on the battlefield.

These three armies were chosen based on their visual association with the color green, whether it’s as a primary or accent color. The Dark Angels Space Marines are the most obvious choice due to their reliance on this particular color, while the Death Guard and Orks can use it in more creative and unexpected ways.

Dark Angels Green Colour Schemes & Combinations

To create a color scheme for Dark Angels Green using only three Citadel Colour paints, we can use complementary colors on the color wheel to create a harmonious look.

For example, we can pair Dark Angels Green with its complementary color, red, represented by the paint Mephiston Red. This combination will create a striking contrast that will make your miniatures stand out. To add some depth and shadows, we can use the black paint, Abaddon Black. Finally, we can use the yellow paint, Yriel Yellow, as a highlight to create a subtle pop of color and to brighten up the model. 

This combination of colors can work well for Dark Angels Green miniatures, and it’s a good starting point for experimenting with different techniques and color variations.

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