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Karandras Green Contrast Paint Citadel Colour

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Karandras Green is a vibrant and intense paint from Citadel Colour that is perfect for creating lush vegetation and foliage on your miniatures. With a smooth consistency and high pigment concentration, it is easy to apply and provides excellent coverage.
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Karandras Green Paint Review

Karandras Green is a versatile acrylic paint from the Citadel Colour line that is a must-have in any miniature painter’s palette. It is a foundation paint, meaning it has excellent coverage and is ideal for use as a base coat for your miniatures. The paint is formulated with high-quality pigments, ensuring that it provides a smooth and even coat with each brush stroke. When applied, Karandras Green dries to a smooth and consistent matt finish, giving your miniatures a natural and realistic appearance. It is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced painters alike, and its compatibility with other colours in the range makes it an essential part of any miniature painter’s arsenal.

What vehicle armies to paint with Karandras Green

  • Dark Eldar Ravager – The Dark Eldar are known for their sleek and sinister-looking vehicles, and the Ravager is no exception. Its sharp angles and dark metal accents make Karandras Green a perfect choice for a base coat, providing a bold and striking contrast that really makes the model pop.
  • Ork Battlewagon – Orks are known for their ramshackle machinery and custom-built vehicles, and the Battlewagon is no exception. A base coat of Karandras Green will give the model a rough, utilitarian look that is perfect for the Ork army.
  • Space Marine Land Speeder – The Land Speeder is a classic Space Marine vehicle, and a base coat of Karandras Green is a great way to add depth and contrast to its sleek lines. The green tone will also tie in nicely with the Space Marine army’s overall color scheme.

Due to their affiliation with various armies and factions in the Warhammer 40K universe, it was decided to list these particular vehicles. With a base coat of Karandras Green, each vehicle can improve its own appearance and style. Additionally, the color is versatile and can work well with a variety of different color schemes and paint styles, making it a great choice for any Warhammer 40K enthusiast.

Karandras Green Colour Schemes & Combinations

 Here is a list of bone, brown, and red Citadel Colour paints that can be used together with Karandras Green:

  • Ushabti Bone – A light bone-colored paint that pairs well with Karandras Green for highlighting and providing contrast. It is an excellent color for dry brushing and highlighting the edges of models, especially on bone or weathered materials.
  • Rhinox Hide – One rich, dark brown paint that is an excellent choice for base coating and providing a strong contrast to Karandras Green. It is ideal for painting leather, wood, and other natural materials.
  • Mephiston Red – Probably one of the best red Citadel Colour paints, a bright, bold red that pairs well with Karandras Green for creating a split-complementary color scheme. This color combination provides a balance of warm and cool tones, making it perfect for creating a dynamic and visually interesting model.

These three colors in combination with Karandras Green create a well-balanced and visually interesting color combo. Additionally, metallic colors such as gold, silver, or bronze can be used to provide an extra pop of color and shine to the models.

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