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Elevate your Warhammer 40,000 experience with the Deathwing Assault Army Box Set, a must-have for Space Marines Dark Angels collectors. Featuring the legendary Belial, formidable Deathwing Knights, and versatile Terminators, this set is a strategic addition to your Dark Angels force.
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The Deathwing Assault Box Set represents the elite of the Dark Angels, one of the most venerable and revered Space Marine Chapters in the Imperium. Known for their unwavering dedication and unmatched combat prowess, the Deathwing warriors stand as the epitome of the Chapter’s martial excellence.

As members of the Inner Circle, these battle-hardened veterans are tasked with the Chapter’s most crucial missions, ranging from assaulting enemy command centers to securing ancient technology and pursuing the elusive Fallen.

The Deathwing’s renown as an exceptional fighting force is such that their iconic bone-white armor strikes fear into the hearts of their adversaries.

Renowned for their indomitable spirit and tactical superiority, they are the Dark Angels’ unstoppable force, capable of conquering any challenge and completing the most perilous of missions.

This boxed set assembles a formidable array of Deathwing Knights and Terminators, led by none other than the Grand Master of the Deathwing, Belial. Additionally, the set includes 20 Datasheet Cards for the Dark Angels and the Codex Supplement: Dark Angels.

This comprehensive 96-page hardback book delves into the storied history and lore of the Dark Angels, complete with all the necessary rules to deploy these fearsome warriors in your Warhammer 40,000 games.

Deathwing Assault Boxed Set

Deathwing Assault Datasheets

Our Review

The Deathwing Assault Box Set stands as a true treasure trove for Dark Angels enthusiasts in the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Overflowing with a diverse array of miniatures, each piece promises both a delightful assembly experience and an impressive presence on the battlefield.

But what elevates this set above others is the early access to the Dark Angels Codex Supplement, offering an insightful glimpse into the secrets and strategies of this revered chapter – a real treat for any Warhammer fan.

Owning this set feels like you’ve been let in on a secret that only the Dark Angels know – and let’s be honest, they aren’t known for sharing! In all seriousness, whether you’re just starting your Warhammer journey or adding to an established collection, this box is a winner. It’s a little piece of Caliban, without the risk of any pesky Fallen showing up at your door!

Compare the Deathwing Assault Box with other W40K Boxed Sets

Want to better understand the value of this box? Here’s how the Deathwing Assault Box compares to other Space Marines W40K boxed sets:

Box NamePriceNo of MiniaturesExtras
Deathwing Assault Box$22022Bases, Datasheet Cards, Upgrade Frames, Transfer Sheets, Codex Supplement
Leviathan Box$25072Bases, Leviathan Book, Space Marines Transfer Sheet, Leviathan Mission Deck
Space Marines Spearhead Force$23020Bases
Vanguard Task Force$14017Bases, Space Marines Infantry Transfer Sheet

Deathwing Assault Box Price per Country

United States$220
United Kingdom£135

Deathwing Assault W40K Box Set Contents

This box set contains 22 multipart plastic Dark Angels miniatures:

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Quick Answers to Your Questions:

Can I buy the models in the box separately?

Yes. Independent releases of the models usually follow a box release so expect the release of the new models for Belial, the Deathwing Terminator Squad and the Deathwing Knights about 6 weeks post-launch, though this timeline has historically fluctuated between 3 and 8 weeks.

The box is not available anymore on the Games Workshop website, can I still get it somehow?

Is the Deathwing Assault Box a Good Deal?

At $220 the Deathwing Assault is on the expensive side of Warhammer 40K but it’s definitely worth the price. It’s cheaper than the recently launched Space Marines Spearhead Force, it has 2 more miniatures, a unique character (Belial) and a Codex Suplement.

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