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Vanguard Task Force

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Expand your army with a crucial set of 17 stealthy Space Marines, including a Lieutenant leader equipped for special operations and wearing silent Phobos armor, accompanied by airborne Suppressors.
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The elite operatives of the Space Marines, primed for infiltration and reconnaissance.
Dressed in the near-silent Phobos armor, these troops excel in covert missions, taking the lead in the shadows. When a direct confrontation arises, heavy Suppressors swoop in to provide vital support, while Eliminators discreetly eliminate high-value targets and disrupt enemy leadership.

This comprehensive boxed set boasts 17 meticulously crafted multipart plastic Space Marine models, each tailored for the art of covert warfare. Leading the charge is a Lieutenant donned in Phobos armor, setting the tone for the unit’s specialized capabilities. Accompanying this dynamic leader are Infiltrators, armed with precision markman bolt carbines, a helix gauntlet, and a comms array, ensuring seamless coordination. Additionally, a crack team of Eliminators, masters of camouflage armed with bolt sniper rifles, stands ready to strike with lethal precision. Meanwhile, flying Suppressors provide agile and rapid fire support when and where it’s needed most.

Whether you’re seeking to inject stealthy sophistication into your existing collection or embark on an entirely new thematic Space Marines project, this box is the perfect choice. As a bonus, discover a set of decals, featuring Chapter markings for Ultramarines, Imperial Fists, Salamanders, and Raptors – adding a touch of customization to your force. Elevate your Warhammer 40K experience with this remarkable set of Vanguard Task Forces.

Vanguard Task Force Datasheets

Lieutenant in Phobos Armour




What’s in the Vanguard Task Force box

  • x95 plastic components that make 17 miniatures:
    • x1 Lieutenant in Phobos Armour.
    • x3 Eliminators with bolt sniper rifles.
    • x3 Suppressors.
    • x10 Infiltrators.
  • x10 Citadel 32mm Round Bases (Infiltrators).
  • x7 Citadel 40mm Round Bases (Lieutenant in Phobos Armour, Eliminators, Suppressors).
  • x3 Flying Groove Stems.
  • x1 Space Marines Infantry Transfer Sheet featuring 754 decals.

How to paint the Vanguard Task Force set

  1. Step 1: Basecoat the Armor
    Begin your painting journey by applying Macragge Blue to the armor of your Vanguard Task Force miniatures. The key here is to ensure a smooth, even coat that covers all the blue areas on your models. Take your time and be patient; this foundation sets the stage for the entire process.
  2. Step 2: Add Depth with Shade
    To give your miniatures’ armor depth and realism, introduce shadows by applying Nuln Oil as a shade. Concentrate on the recesses and crevices of the armor, allowing the shade to naturally settle. This technique enhances the three-dimensional look of your models.
  3. Step 3: Layer the Armor
    Now, take your Vanguard Task Force to the next level by layering the armor with Calgar Blue. Focus on areas that are not shaded, allowing the darker Nuln Oil to show through in the recesses. This creates depth and visual interest in your miniatures’ armor.
  4. Step 4: Highlight with Fenrisian Grey
    Highlighting is the art of making details pop. Use Fenrisian Grey to accentuate the raised areas of the armor. This subtle touch adds contrast and draws attention to the intricate details, giving your miniatures a captivating gradient effect.
  5. Step 5: Paint Exposed Heads
    For miniatures with exposed heads, bring them to life with Rakarth Flesh. To achieve depth and realism, apply a wash of Reikland Fleshshade, enhancing facial features. Finally, layer the heads with Flayed One Flesh to create skin tones that truly resemble lifelike flesh.
  6. Step 6: Detailing the Miniatures
    When detailing your Vanguard Task Force, consider each unit’s role. Paint Infiltrators’ gun holsters in Abaddon Black for a tactical look. To create modern camouflage on Eliminators’ cloaks, start with a base of Mechanicus Standard Grey. Then, layer different colors like Administratum Grey, Dawnstone, and Fenrisian Grey to achieve a realistic camo pattern. This combination will give their cloaks a stealthy and modern appearance. For Suppressors, use Leadbelcher on their weapons for a formidable appearance. Add Retributor Armour for gold trims and highlights across all miniatures.
  7. Step 7: Adding Extra Details
    For extra flair, paint the rifle scopes with Moot Green for vibrancy. Apply Skrag Brown to belts or cloth material for a textured look. Use Mephiston Red for helmet lenses and gun details to draw attention and enhance your miniatures’ identity and cohesion. These touches will make your Vanguard Task Force truly stand out.
  8. Step 8: Additional Layering
    Consider going the extra mile by utilizing layering techniques on specific parts of your miniatures. Citadel’s Auric Armour Gold can be applied to insignias or decorations, making them stand out with a touch of opulence.
  9. Step 9: Basing
    Create immersive bases for your miniatures using Texture paints like Agrellan Earth or Stirland Mud. Personalize these bases to match your chosen battlefield or theme, and don’t forget to add static grass or tufts for that added touch of realism.
  10. Step 10: Varnish and Seal
    Lastly, ensure your painstaking work is protected by applying a layer of varnish. Choose Munitorum Varnish, a matte spray varnish from Citadel, for a uniform finish. Wait until your miniatures are thoroughly dry, then apply a thin, even coat of this varnish, in a well-ventilated area. This protective layer ensures your miniatures remain pristine and ready for battles to come.

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