The New Space Marines Detachments – Review of Rules, Stratagems and Enhancements

Dive into our comprehensive guide on Warhammer 40K 10th Edition’s Space Marines Detachments, rules, and stratagems. Mastering these elements can elevate your gameplay, offering strategic depth and versatility.
Space Marines Detachments 10th Edition
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The Space Marines’ 10th Edition Codex lists seven faction-wide Detachments available to choose from by any player who would like to field an Adeptus Astartes army.

These are the detachments that can be used by any army with units having the ADEPTUS ASTARTES keyword and ONE other sub-faction keyword.

Additionally, five Chapters received their own exclusive Space Marines Detachments that aims to bring more of the unique flavor of each chapter to the tabletop. These are the Detachments that can be used by any units with either only the ADEPTUS ASTARTES keyword but only their corresponding sub-faction keyword.

Additional restriction apply so make sure you have the latest Space Marines 10th Edition Codex at hand for the latest updates and restrictions.

In total, if you’re looking into fielding an Adeptus Astartes army, you will have 12 unique Space Marines Detachments to choose from.

The Complete Space Marines Detachments list for the 10th Edition:

No.Detachment NameSummary
1Gladius Task ForceThe Gladius Task Force Detachment is focused on developing versatile combat tactics to keep enemies constantly off-balance.
2Anvil Siege ForceThe Anvil Siege Force Detachment is ideal for players who favor a defensive playstyle, offering significant advantages for maintaining position and distance in the game.
3Firestorm Assault ForceThe Firestorm Assault Force Detachment excels in aggressive, close-range combat with fast vehicles.
4Ironstorm SpearheadThe Ironstorm Spearhead Detachment caters to players who enjoy an offensive strategy with vehicles and heavy artillery.
5Stormlance Task ForceIdeal detachment for early game objective control and suited for those using Mounted units, Bikers, and Jump Pack units.
6Vanguard SpearheadDetachment tailored for players who favor a stealthy, risk-calculated playstyle is perfect for those using Scouts, Phobos, or Assassins units.
71st Company Task ForceIdeal for players who favor elite units like the new Terminators and Sternguard Veterans.
8Blood Angels’ Sons of SanguiniusPerfect for players who enjoy a swift, aggressive style centered around iconic characters and charging tactics.
9Black Templars’ Righteous CrusadersIdeal for those who prefer a melee-intensive playstyle with infantry and transports.
10Dark Angels’ Unforgiven Task ForceThis detachment provides a distinctive strategic advantage and steadfast morale to dominate objectives.
11Deathwatch’s Black Spear Task ForceThis detachment stands out by using majority toughness for wound calculations and flexible transport options.
12Space Wolves’ Champions of RussIdeal for late-game domination, by granting army-wide benefits for achieving battle milestones.

Here’s our review of the complete list of all the Space Marine Detachments, and what they offer at the time of writing:  

Gladius Task Force

Released for free with the 2023 Space Marine Index – the Gladius Task Force Detachment aims to create dynamic set of combat strategies, applicable to various types of units, ensuring your adversaries are always left unprepared. The Detachment provides the following: 

Gladius Task Force Detachment Rule:

During the start of your Command phase, you can activate one Combat Doctrine for all eligible Adeptus Astartes units in your army until your next Command phase, but each Doctrine can only be chosen once per battle.

  • Devastator Doctrine: Units can shoot even after advancing.
  • Tactical Doctrine: Units can shoot and charge even after falling back.
  • Assault Doctrine: Units can charge even after advancing.

Note: You can only use each Combat Doctrine once per battle.

Primaris Captain

Stratagems available for the Gladius Task Force Detachment:

  • Only In Death Does Duty End (2CP) – Epic Deed: Allows a destroyed model to fight back before they die in the Fight Phase. 
  • Honour the Chapter (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Bestows the LANCE attribute to melee weapons. Additionally, if your army is operating under the Assault Doctrine, they receive an added point of AP.
  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.
  • Adaptive Strategy (1CP) – Strategic Ploy : permits a unit to select their preferred Doctrine, independent of the Doctrine the rest of your army follows, even if it was utilized in an earlier turn.
  • Storm of Fire (1CP) – Battle Tactic: permits ranged assaults to bypass cover and enhances their AP when in Devastator Doctrine.
  • Squad Tactics (1CP) – Strategic Ploy:  grants a unit the ability to move D6” during the opponent’s Movement phase, or a consistent 6” when operating under the Tactical Doctrine.

Gladius Task Force Enhancements: 

  • Artificer Armour (+10 points):  gives a Space Marines model a 2+ Save and a 5+ FEEL NO PAIN
  • Honour Vehement (+15 points): adds 1 to the Attacks and Strength of a unit Melee Weapon. Adds 2 to both if unit is under Assault Doctrine!
  • Adept of the Codex (+20 points): allows unit to operate as under Tactical Doctrine regardless of the army wide active doctrine. 
  • Bolter Discipline (+25 points):: units gained Sustained Hits 1 and Critical Hits on unmodified roll of 5+ on ranged attacks. 

Note: The points listed next to each Enhancement are added to the total army cost!

Anvil Siege Force

Anvil Siege Force seems to be the Detachment of choice for the stoic defenders… (looking at you Imperial Fists players). So if your playstyle is built around planting your feet and holding your ground – well this is the Detachment for you!

It benefits greatly players who like to be immobile and provides great bonuses if you manage to keep your distance from your opponent. Emphasis here is on IF as chances are, if you’re playing top-level, experienced players will figure out a way to get around that. 

Centurion Assault Squad Imperial Fists2

Here’s what Anvil Siege Force brings to the table: 

Anvil Siege Force Detachment Rule

  • Shield of the Imperium:  bestows the HEAVY capability to all the ranged weapons of your units. If a weapon already has Heavy, then besides gaining +1 to Hit when it remains stationary, it also receives +1 to Wound.

Stratagems available for Anvil Siege Force Detachment: 

  • Rigid Discipline (1CP) – allows a unit, currently engaged with an adversary, to retreat up to 6” (only within your deployment zone or range of objective marker) .
  • Battle Drill Recall (1CP) – Battle Tactic: provides a unit with SUSTAINED HITS 1 during the shooting phase and awards it Critical Hits on rolls of 5+ if the unit stayed stationary.
  • Hail of Vengeance (2CP) – allows a unit that has had at least one model taken down to retaliate against the unit that targeted it.
  • No Threat Too Great (2CP) – Battle Tactic: allows a unit targeting a monster or vehicle to re-roll all Wound results.
  • Not One Backwards Step (1CP): multiplies the OC of a unit on an objective by two, conditioning the unit to stay stationary for that turn.
  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.

Anvil Siege Force Enhancements

  • Indomitable Fury (+20 Points): Exclusive to Gravis models – allows you to roll a d6 when the bearer is destroyed for the first time, and on a result of 2+, the unit is resurrected.
  • Stoic Defender (+15 Points): Each model in the unit led by this character acquires a FEEL NO PAIN of 6+. Moreover, the unit is less susceptible to battle-shock, reducing its OC by half instead of directly to 0.
  • Fleet Commander (+15 Points): Captain only, one-time use – Begin your shooting phase by placing a marker anywhere on the map. In the next shooting phase, place a second token within 12” from the center of the first. Draw a line between their centers. Units crossed by the line suffer D3 Mortal Wounds on a 3+.
  • Architect of War (+25 Points): gives a unit the ability to ignore Cover

Firestorm Assault Force

This Detachment is build around close ranged weapons such as flamers, fast moving vehicles and transports and trying to get as close to your opponent as fast as possible. It’s the literal opposite of the Anvil Siege Force Detachment.

The Firestorm Assault Force is immensely potent, and at the time of writing, among the top contenders for the most formidable detachment in the new Adeptus Astartes Codex.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that out of the 6 stratagems presented, 5 are categorized as Battle Tactics – the Stratagems you are able to use together with the “0 CP” abilities and with the “vect – increase cost by 1” abilities.

If you’re playing Salamanders – this is the Stratagem for you! 

Salamanders Captain Vulkan He'stan

Firestorm Assault Force Detachment Rule

  • Close-Range Eradication: provides the ASSAULT attribute to all your ranged weapons and boosts their strength by +1 if the target is within a 12” range.

Stratagems available for the Firestorm Assault Force Detachment

  • Crucible of Battle (1CP) – Battle Tactic: bestows a +1 wound advantage to one of your units when targeting the nearest eligible opponent within 6” during the Shooting or Fighting phase.
  • Onslaught of Fire (1CP) – Battle Tactic: grants a +1 to hit for any model that exited a transport during this turn, provided they aim at the nearest valid target within a 12” range.
  • Burning Vengeance (1CP) – Battle Tactic: allows a unit to exit it a TRANSPORT once an enemy unit has completed its attacks against that transport, and fire upon the enemy unit.
  • Rapid Embarkation (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: allows an INFANTRY unit, located within 6” of an unoccupied transport at the end of the Fight phase, to enter the transport provided they are not within the engagement distance of an adversary and haven’t exited a TRANSPORT during this turn.
  • Immolation Protocol (2CP) – Battle Tactic: it gives all of a single unit’s TORRENT weapons the DEVASTATING WOUNDS ability
  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.

Firestorm Assault Force Enhancements

  • Champion of Humanity (+10 Points) – Exclusive to Space Marines Tacticus Models. When the bearer leads a unit, models within that unit have the ability to disregard any or all adjustments to their attributes and/or any roll or test they undertake (saving throw modifiers are an exception).
  • Forged in Battle (+15 Points) – Reserved for Adeptus Astartes models. When the bearer is at the helm of a unit, once in every turn, post making a Hit roll or a saving throw for a model in that unit, the outcome of that roll can be altered to a 6.
  • Adamantine Mantle (+20 Points) – Only for Adeptus Astartes models. Every time an assault targets the bearer, reduce the Damage characteristic of the said assault by 1. If the assault was executed with a MELTAor TORRENT weapon, set the Damage characteristic of that assault to 1.
  • War-tempered Artifice (+25 Points) – Limited to Adeptus Astartes Infantry models. The bearer’s melee weapons see an enhancement in their Strength characteristics by 3.

Ironstorm Spearhead

Do you like vehicles and tanks and big guns but you would rather be on the attacking side rather than trying to control the battlefield?

Then the Ironstorm Spearhead Detachment should be right up your alley. It provides massive boons to Techmarines, Dreadnoughts and Tanks (and everything mechanical) with the purpose encourage a playstyle where you try to rollover your opponent’s army.

Forget about control, being sneaky or gaining points – your purpose here is to eliminate everything in front of you! In the end, your opponent can’t win points if they’re dead!

For those of you trying to attach this detachment to lore or a Space Marine Chapter – if you are a fan of the Iron Hands – then this is the Detachment for you. 

Brutalis Dreadnought Front

Here’s what it offers: 

Ironstorm Spearhead Detachment Rule

  • Armoured Wrath: Allows you to re-roll one Hit OR Wound OR Damage roll per unit per phase. Applicable to both Ranged and Melee.

Stratagems available for the Ironstorm Spearhead Detachment

  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.
  • Vengeful Animus (1CP): applicable to Astartes VEHICLES, allows you to instantly activate its Deadly Demise ability without the need for a roll.
  • Ancient Fury (1CP): WALKER units receive +1 Move, +1 Toughness, +1 Save, +1LD, +1OC and +1 to hit rolls until next Command Phase.
  • Power of the Machine Spirit (1CP): If your vehicle’s Strength drops below half, it can shoot back for free against the attacking unit.
  • Unbowed Conviction (1CP) – Battle Tactic: a friendly unit that’s diminished from its initial strength can disregard any modifiers to attributes, rolls, or tests, except for the typical exclusion of saving throws.
  • Mercy is Weaknes (1CP) – Battle Tactic: allows a unit to gain SUSTAINED HITS 1 whenever it targets an enemy that’s diminished from its initial Strength.

Ironstorm Spearhead Detachment Enhancements

  • Target Augury Web (+40 Points): Bestows the LETHAL HITS capability to all weapons on vehicles situated within 6” of your Techmarine.
  • Adept of the Omnissiah (+25 Points): Techmarine only, once in a round, allows you to convert a missed SAVING THROW for a vehicle within a 6″ radius to zero damage.
  • The Flesh is Weak (+10 Points): gives a unit a 4+ FEEL NO PAIN Save
  • Master of Machine War (+20 Points):  Allows any VEHICLE within a 6” radius of the CHARACTER to fire, regardless of whether it advanced or retreated.

Stormlance Task Force

Stormlance Task Force Detachment

Inspired by the highly maneuverable White Scars tactics, the Stormlance Task Force is a Space Marines Detachment suitable for players who like to attack and hit things fast and hard. 

Or Retreat and hit things fast and hard. It’s the perfect tool to help you to setup first turn charges and contest the objectives early game. So if you like using Mounted units, Bikers and Jump Pack units – this is the detachment for you! 

Did anyone say White Scars?

White Scars Stormseer Consul Model

Stormlance Task Force Detachment Rule

  • Lightning Assault: allows your army to both Advance and Charge, and also to Fall Back and then Charge.

Stratagems available for the Stormlance Task Force Detachment

  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.
  • Wind-Swift Evasion (1 CP) – Strategic Ploy:  akin to the 6” squad tactics of the Gladius Task Force detachment, but applicable to any unit, not just infantry. 
  • Full Throttle (2CP) – allows a unit (excluding WALKERS) to advance a predetermined distance without the need for a roll: 6” for the majority of units, but a whooping 9” for units on mounts.
  • Blitzing Fullisade (1CP) – Battle Tactic: selected units’ ranged weapons acquire the ASSAULT keyword or SUSTAINED HITS 1 if they already possess ASSAULT.
  • Shock Assault (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Exclusive to mounted units, this permits the re-roll of any CHARGE attempts for the chosen unit, and their melee weapons gain the LANCE capability.
  • Ride Hard, Ride Fast (1CP): In your adversary’s shooting phase, once the enemy chooses a target, a MOUNTED or FLYING VEHICLE receives a -1 to both Hit and Wound.
  • Wind-Swift Evasion (1CP): In the movement phase of your opponent, when they conclude a Normal, Advance, or Fall Back maneuver, a unit within 9″ of the adversary can execute a 6″ standard move. Models engaged with enemies are exempt from this choice.

Stormlance Task Force Enhancements: 

  •  Fury of the Storm (+25 Points): Mounted Unit CHARACTER only. Unit melee weapon gains +1 Strength and +1 AP or gains +2 to both if unit is charging. 
  • Hunter’s Instincts (+10 Points): Mounted Unit CHARACTER in RESERVE only. Counts the unit’s round as being 1 higher than it actually is. 
  • Portents of Wisdom (+15 Points): allows the unit to reroll Advance rolls. 
  • Feinting Withdrawal (+20 points): allows the unit to Fall Back and Shoot!

Vanguard Spearhead

So we had defensive detachments, go in guns blazing detachments, what if you are a player who prefers taking more calculated risks? Or would prefer a sneaky approach rather than charging headlong. So if Scouts, Phobos or Assassins units – this is the Space Marines Detachment for you! Lore-wise, this is inspired by the Raven Guard Chapter and their Stealth-based tactics. 

Here’s what the Vanguard Spearhead brings to the table: 

Lieutenant in Phobos Armour model

Vanguard Spearhead Detachment Rule

  • Shadow Masters: an army-wide rule that gives a -1 disadvantage to enemies shooting at you and offers cover benefits if the adversary is beyond a 12” distance. Stacks with Stealth. 

Stratagems available in the Vanguard Spearhead Detachment

  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.
  • Strike from the Shadows (1CP) – Battle Tactic: gives an infantry unit +1BS, an extra -1AP on its shooting and forces the enemy to take a battle-shock test if it loses one model. 
  • Surgical Strikes (2CP) – Battle Tactic: gives a unit PRECISION on its melee attack for one fight phase.
  • Calculated Feint (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: Allows a unit to execute a Normal Move of D6″ when they are the target of a charge. Phobos and Scouts units move a fixed 6″.
  • Guerilla Tactics (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: Allows you to place one infantry unit (or a pair of Phobos or Scouts units) into strategic reserves, provided they are more than 3” away from the enemy by the conclusion of the enemy’s fight phase.
  • A Deadly Prize (1CP): Allows you to rig an objective you oversee with either an infantry or mounted unit at the cost of 1CP. Opposing units sustain D3 Mortal Wounds with a 2+ roll each time they conclude a normal, Advance, Charge, or Fall Back move within a 3” radius of the objective. This continues until they gain control of it at the beginning or conclusion of a turn.

Vanguard Spearhead Enhancements

  • The Blade Driven Deep (+25 points): Infantry units only, allows the CHARACTER to Infiltrate in together with an infantry unit.
  • Ghostweave Cloak (+15 Points): gives a CHARACTER Stealth and Lone Operative Attributes. 
  • Execute and Redeploy (+20 Points): Phobos CHARACTERS only, 
    allows a unit to execute a 6” standard move during the shooting phase post-firing, provided they aren’t already within engagement distance.
  • Shadow War Veteran (+30 Points): Phobos CHARACTERS only, allows your unit to Vect  an enemy stratagem and increase its cost by 1CP after they’ve used it once. 

1st Company Task Force

This Detachment offers an excellent chance to maximize the potential of the brand-new Terminators and Sternguard Veterans released with the new 10th Edition Codex, in addition to units like Bladeguard Veterans and Vanguard Veterans

This is detachment suitable to players who prefer fielding elite units such as Warriors of Ultramar or  the Salamanders’ Firedrakes, as the rules, bonuses and stratagems brought forth by this detachment are meant to make this veterans even more deadlier. 

Also, the Detachment’s Enhancements have a second ability, meaning that once per game, you can activate an additional benefit that enhances their performance.

So, if you like fielding Terminators and deal high damage to single units – read on… 

Space Marine Terminators

1st Company Task Force Detachment Rule

  • Extremis-Level Threat: Once per game, your unit can re-roll Wound rolls when targeting its Oath of Moment targe.

Stratagems available in the 1st Company Task Force Detachment

  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.
  • Duty and Honour (1CP): Allows you to retain possession of an objective even after vacating it, provided a veteran unit is present on it when the stratagem is activated.
  • Terrifying Proficiency (1CP): Should one of your Veteran units eliminate an adversary in Melee during the same turn it charged, all other foes within a 6” radius must undergo a battle-shock test.
  • Heroes of the Chapter (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Bestows a chosen veteran unit with a +1 advantage to Hit. If the unit’s strength is reduced to below half, it also receives a +1 boost to Wound.
  • Orbital Teleportarium (1CP): Allows you to place one of your Terminator units into strategic reserves following the conclusion of your adversary’s fight phase.
  • Legendary Fortitude (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Reduces incoming damage by 1, only during your opponent’s fight phase on a Veteran unit that faced a charge.

1st Company Task Force Enhancements

  • The Imperium’s Sword (+25 Points): Increases the Attack of the holder’s melee weapons by 1 and also adds +1 to the Attack of units commanded by the CHARACTER, usable once per game for a single phase.
  • Fear Made Manifest (+30 Points): Causes units that don’t pass a Battle-shock test within a 6” radius of the CHARACTER to forfeit a model. Additionally, once per game you can increase the number of destroyed models from 1 to D3.
  • Iron Resolve (+15 Points): Terminators only, gives the bearer FEEL NO PAIN 5+. Once per game, for a phase it gives the same to their unit. 
  • Rites of War (+10 Points): Terminator models only, improves the CHARACTER‘s OC by 1. Once per game, it does the same for the unit led by this model. 

Blood Angels’ Sons of Sanguinius Detachment

Blood Angels Sons of Sanguinius Detachment

The Blood Angels are one of the first Adeptus Astartes Chapters to receive their own detachment in the 10th Edition Codex, called The Sons of Sanguinius.

The Sons of Sanguinius Space Marines Detachment can incorporate units with the BLOOD ANGELS keyword and units with ADEPTUS ASTARTES keyword. Models containing other Chapters’ keyword are excluded.

This new addition offers a unique blend of Enhancements and Stratagems tailored to the Blood Angels’ aggressive style of combat.

While they remain Space Marines at heart, the Blood Angels now boast a distinctive Detachment ability, “The Red Thirst,” amplifying their melee prowess. This ability, a nod to their Chapter trait from previous editions, grants units an extra punch in melee combat after charging.

Furthermore, the Sons of Sanguinius Detachment introduces a set of Enhancements, with standouts like the “Visage of Death” and “Icon of the Angel” that can significantly influence battlefield dynamics.

Perfect if you favor favors fast, aggressive play with tactics such as Charging your opponent and building your strategy around key Characters such as Lemartes, Mephiston and of course, Commander Dante.

On the Stratagem front, options like “Angel’s Sacrifice” and “Red Rampage” offer strategic depth, allowing players to adapt and respond to various in-game situations.

However, the real essence of this update lies in the balance it strikes. While the Detachment offers compelling advantages, players might find themselves torn between the Sons of Sanguinius and the Gladius Task Force, each offering its unique perks.

Blood Angels Terminator Assault Squad4

Sons of Sanguinius Detachment Rule

  • The Red Thirst: Whenever an Adeptus Astartes unit from your army is chosen to engage in combat, if that unit executed a Charge move during this turn, then until the phase concludes, increase the Strength and Attacks attributes of melee weapons wielded by models in that unit by 1.

Stratagems available in the Sons of Sanguinius Detachment

  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.
  • Angel’s Sacrifice (1CP) – Epic Deed: Whenever one of your units targets the enemy unit responsible for eliminating your Character unit with an attack, you have the option to re-roll the Hit roll.
  • Red Rampage (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Melee weapons wielded by models in your unit possess the LANCE and LETHAL HITS capabilities, for one phase.
  • Aggressive Onslaught (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Whenever a model in your unit executes a Consolidation move, it can cover up to 6″ rather than the usual 3″, as long as the unit finishes that Consolidation in Unit Coherency and remains within the Engagement Range of one or more opposing units.
  • Relentless Assault (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: Your unit can declare a Charge even if it retreated during this phase.
  • Only In Death Does Duty End (2CP) – Epic Deed: allows a destroyed model to fight back before they die in the Fight Phase.  (Shared with the Gladius Task Force Detachment)

Sons of Sanguinius Enhancements

  • Artisan of War: Enhance the bearer’s weapons’ Armour Penetration characteristic by 1, and the bearer possesses a Save characteristic of 2+.
  • Visage of Death: When an opposing unit (excluding Monsters and Vehicles) is within the Engagement Range of the CHARACTER’s unit, reduce the Objective Control characteristic of models in the enemy unit by half.
  • Icon of the Angel: Forces enemy units attempting to Fall Back to undergo Desperate Escape tests. Deduct 1 from each of those Desperate Escape tests if the unit is also Battle-Shocked!
  • Archangel’s Shard: The weapons wielded by the bearer in melee combat possess the ANTI-CHAOS 5+ and LANCE capabilities.

Sons of Sanguinius Detachment Restrictions:

  • Army can have units with both Blood Angels and Adeptus Astartes keywords.
  • No Adeptus Astartes units from other Chapters are allowed.

Black Templars’ Righteous Crusaders Detachment

If you’re a fan of the super-zealous, super-space-soldiers that are the Black Templars then, you’re in luck as the 10th Edition of W40k comes with a Detachment just for them.

Built around the Templars’ vows (and their hate for Psykers), the Righteous Crusaders Detachment is a great choice for players who like to field a lot of melee-focused army, with lots of infantry units and some great Transports to help you get right into your opponent’s face!

Based on a very early impression, this Space Marines Detachment seems like a great choice for players who like to have an answer to any opponent – regardless of them fielding a tanky, horde or psyker-heavy army. Moreover, certain Strats in this detachment get a boost if certain Vows are active.

The stratagems, all priced at 1 CP, are meticulously designed for your crusading spirit. “Unbreakable Lines” fortifies your defenses, while “Intractable” ensures your Templars never falter in their advance. And for those moments of divine wrath? “Grim Retribution” and “Unforgiven Fury” are at your beck and call.

Dive into the new enhancements to further define your Templar champions. Equip them with the “Shroud of Heroes” for a miraculous resurgence or the “Heavenfall Blade” to cleave through heretics.

Black Templars Marshal

Righteous Crusaders Detachment Rule

Before the first battle round, choose one of the four Templar Vows listed below. This vow will be active for Adeptus Astartes units in your army for the entire game’s duration.

  • Suffer Not the Unclean to Live: Melee weapons used by models in this unit possess the LETHAL HITS capability.
  • Uphold the Honour of the Emperor: Models in this unit benefit from the FEEL NO PAIN 6+ feature and have a Leadership characteristic of 5+.
  • Abhor the Witch, Destroy the Witch: Models in this unit get a 4+ invulnerable protection against Psychic Attacks, and their melee weapons have the ANTI-PSYKER 4+ feature.
  • Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds: Melee weapons used by models in this unit come with the SUSTAINED HITS 1 feature.

Stratagems available in the Righteous Crusaders Detachment

  • Fervent Acclamation (1CP) – Epic Deed: Allows a CHARACTER to activate an additional Vow from the list above, for its unit, for one turn.
  • No Escape (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: Allows you to immobilize an enemy unit engaged with you in close combat, necessitating a Desperate Escape test or entirely stopping them from retreating on a roll of 4+. If you’ve chosen the vow Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds, the requirement becomes a roll of 3+.
  • Devout Push (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: If a unit has suffered losses from shooting, they can advance towards the enemy unit during your opponent’s shooting phase. Your unit can move up to D6” closer to the unit that targeted them, or a straight 6” towards that unit or a Psyker if Abhor the Witch, Destroy the Witch vow is in effect.
  • Vicious Riposte (1CP) – Epic Deed: Grants a unit the capability to still fight after it was destroyed (if that model has not fought this phase) with a roll of 4+, or a 3+ if Uphold the Honor of the Emperor was chosen.
  • Crusader’s Wrath (1CP) – Battle Tactic: whenever a model in your unit attacks in melee, enhance the Armour Penetration attribute of that strike by 1. If the Suffer Not The Unclean to Live vow is in effect, it also boost the Strength attribute of that attack by 1.
  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.

Righteous Crusaders Enhancements

  • Perdition’s Edge: Enhance the bearer’s melee weapons’ Strength and Armour Penetration characteristics by 1, and if the “Suffer Not the Unclean to Live” vow is active for your army, also increase the Attacks characteristic by 1.
  • Sigismund’s Seal: Increase the bearer’s melee weapons’ Attacks characteristic by 1, and when leading a unit with the “Accept Any Challenge, No Matter the Odds” vow active, a successful unmodified Hit roll of 5+ results in a Critical Hit for models in that unit.
  • Witchseeker Bolts: The bearer’s ranged weapons possess the PRECISION, ANTI-PSYKER 4+, and DEVASTATING WOUNDS abilities, and with the “Abhor the Witch, Destroy the Witch” vow active, the bearer can re-roll both Hit and Wound rolls when targeting a Psyker unit with a ranged attack.
  • Tännhauser’s Bones: Every attack directed at the bearer has its Damage characteristic halved, and when the bearer leads a unit with the “Uphold the Honour of the Emperor” vow active, models in that unit gain the FEEL NO PAIN 5+ ability.

Righteous Crusaders Detachment Restrictions

  • No Adeptus Astartes Psyker models allowed.
  • Excluded models without the Black Templars keyword: Gladiator Lancer, Gladiator Reaper, Gladiator Valiant, Impulsor, Repulsor, Repulsor Executioner.
  • Only units with the Black Templars and Adeptus Astartes keywords are permitted;
  • Adeptus Astartes units from other Chapters are not allowed.

Dark Angels’ Unforgiven Task Force Detachment

With the return of the Lion, the Dark Angels seemed to be among the Space Marines chapters of the 10th edition. Looking at their Detachment – and analyzing the initial feedback from the community it seems the Dark Angels initially struggled in the edition, with a win rate in the low 40s, taking some time to establish themselves.

Nevertheless, in the most recent Metawatch update, DA players climbed to a 48% win rate as of 17th October 2023, and it seems that the faction just needed some time to identify a build that truly suits them.

As a Dark Angels player, the 10th Edition offers you a renewed sense of strategy with the “Unforgiven Task Force” detachment. You’ll find the “Grim Resolve” rule a game-changer, setting your Dark Angels apart and giving them a unique edge on the battlefield.

No longer will you worry about conventional morale dynamics. With “Grim Resolve”, your units showcase their unwavering determination, ensuring you maintain a strong presence on objectives.

The stratagems, each at 1 CP, are tailored for your tactical needs. With “Unbreakable Lines”, you can bolster your defenses, while “Intractable” ensures your forces remain relentless. The “Grim Retribution” and “Unforgiven Fury” stratagems are perfect for those moments when you seek vengeance against foes.

For customization, the new enhancements are a treat. Equip your champions with the “Shroud of Heroes” for that dramatic last stand or the “Heavenfall Blade” to cut through enemy lines.

However, be mindful of the detachment’s nuances. It’s crafted specifically for the Dark Angels, ensuring your army remains pure and true to its lore. This might limit some of your unit choices, but it also reinforces the unique identity of the Dark Angels, making your games even more thematic.

True to lore, Dark Angels maintain their ground, even when rattled by the tide of combat.

Belial Model
Belial New Model

Unforgiven Task Force Detachment Rule

  • Grim Resolve: When an Adeptus Astartes unit from your army is Battle-shocked, adjust the Objective Control characteristic of models in that unit to 1, rather than 0.

Stratagems available in the Unforgiven Task Force Detachment

  • Unbreakable Lines (1CP) – Battle Tactic: For the remainder of the turn, whenever an attack targets a model in your unit, reduce the Damage characteristic of that attack by 1.
  • Intractable (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: For the rest of the turn, even though the unit Fell Back this phase, it can still shoot and announce a charge.
  • Grim Retribution (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: After your opponent’s shooting phase you have the ability to fire as though it’s your Shooting phase, but it’s restricted to targeting the enemy unit that eliminated one of its members.
  • Unforgiven Fury (1CP) – Battle Tactic: For the duration of the phase, weapons held by models in your unit gain the LETHAL HITS feature. Moreover, if any Adeptus Astartes units from your army are presently Battle-shocked, any successful unaltered hit roll of 5+ by a model in your unit results in a Critical Hit until the phase concludes.
  • Fire Discipline (1CP) – Battle Tactic: For the duration of the shooting phase, ranged weapons held by models in that unit possess the ASSAULT, HEAVY, and IGNORES COVER features.
  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.

Unforgiven Task Force Enhancements

  • Shroud of Heroes: The first time the bearer is taken down, roll a D6 at the phase’s conclusion. If you roll a 2 or higher, place the bearer back on the battlefield near its last position, ensuring it’s not in Engagement Range with enemy units. The bearer will have 3 wounds left. However, if the bearer was Battle-shocked when defeated, it returns with all its wounds intact.
  • Stubborn Tenacity: When the bearer leads a unit, for every attack made by a model in that unit, increase the Hit roll by 1 if the bearer’s unit is below its initial strength. Additionally, if the bearer’s unit is Battle-shocked, enhance the Wound roll by 1 as well.
  • Heavenfall Blade: Increase the bearer’s melee weapons’ Attacks, Strength, and Damage characteristics by 1. If the bearer is Battle-shocked, boost these characteristics by 2 instead.
  • Pennant of Remembrance: Only applicable to Bladeguard Ancient, Primaris Ancient, or Terminator Ancient models. When the bearer leads a unit, models in that unit possess a FEEL NO PAIN 6+ ability. However, if the unit is Battle-shocked, they benefit from a FEEL NO PAIN 4+ ability instead.

Unforgiven Task Force Restrictions

  • Army can have units with both Dark Angels and Adeptus Astartes keywords.
  • No Adeptus Astartes units from other Chapters are allowed.

Deathwatch’s Black Spear Task Force Detachment

Deathwatch players, rejoice! The 10th Edition of Warhammer 40,000 brought forth a Detachment just for you! The faction some of the most formidable capabilities and stratagems among the Space Marines Detachments, positioning them as strong candidates for one of the best Space Marines faction to bring to the tabletop.

The 10th Edition introduces a refined tactical layer for the Deathwatch through the “Black Spear Task Force” detachment. At its core is the unique “Kill Teams” rule, setting the Deathwatch apart from traditional Space Marine chapters.

Instead of standard unit dynamics, Kill Teams adapt to the battlefield, using the majority toughness value for wound determination and showcasing flexibility in transport capacity, treating all as Infantry.

The detachment’s “Mission Tactics” is a game-changer. Players can now adapt to various battlefield scenarios, from “Furor Tactics” for widespread destruction to “Purgatus Tactics” for precision strikes on enemy leaders, emphasizing the Deathwatch’s role as specialized xenos hunters.

Stratagems have been fine-tuned, each at 1 CP, and are tailored to synergize with active Mission Tactics. “Adaptive Tactics” allows for tactical shifts, while “Teleportarium” offers strategic redeployment. Specialized ammunition types, like “Hellfire Rounds” and “Kraken Rounds,” further emphasize the Deathwatch’s adaptability against various xenos threats.

Enhancements, reminiscent of the previous edition’s relics, provide additional customization. Standouts include “Dragonfire Rounds”, granting the ASSAULT and IGNORES COVER abilities, and “Hellfire Rounds”, enhancing anti-infantry capabilities.

However, there are constraints. The detachment is exclusive to Deathwatch units, barring other Adeptus Astartes chapters. Also, staple units like the Tactical Squad and Assault Squad are conspicuously missing.

Deathwatch Space Marine2

Deathwatch Army Rule

To further highlight their awesomeness in the Warhammer 40k universe, the Deathwatch is one of the few factions that gets its own army rule called Kill Teams (they still can access Oath of Moment, which is available for all Space Marines armies).

The Kill Teams Army Rule provides three simple changes to traditional rules:

  • When an attack targets a Kill Team unit in your army with varying Toughness characteristics, use the Toughness of the majority of models for wound determination until the attacker completes its attacks. If there’s a tie in Toughness, use the highest value.
  • Regarding Transport capacity, Kill Team Terminator, Outrider, Biker, and models with jump packs occupy the space of 2 models. However, they can board any Transport their unit can, even if similar models in other units have Terminator, Mounted, or Jump Pack keywords.
  • For terrain interactions, all models in units with the Kill Team ability are considered Infantry, regardless of their similarities to models in other units.

Black Spear Task Force Detachment Rule

At the beginning of your Command phase, choose one of the listed Mission Tactics. Its effects apply to all your units with this ability until your next Command phase. Each Mission Tactic can be chosen only once in a battle.

  • Furor Tactics: Tasked with widespread destruction, the Deathwatch aims to decimate the enemy’s core. While active, Adeptus Astartes units’ weapons gain the SUSTAINED HITS 1 ability.
  • Malleus Tactics: Focused on targeting the weak points of large foes, the Deathwatch uses this tactic against massive enemies. While active, Adeptus Astartes units’ weapons gain the LETHAL HITS ability.
  • Purgatus Tactics: The Deathwatch zeroes in on enemy leaders, aiming for precise eliminations. When active, if an Adeptus Astartes unit scores a Critical Hit, that attack gains the PRECISION ability.

Stratagems Available in the Black Spear Task Force Detachment

  • Adaptive Tactics (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: During your Command phase, you can target up to two Kill Team units from your army or one other Adeptus Astartes unit. For each selected unit, choose either the Furor Tactics, Malleus Tactics, or Purgatus Tactics. The chosen Mission Tactic will be active for that unit until the start of your next Command phase, overriding any army-wide active Mission Tactic.
  • Teleportarium (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: After your opponent’s Fight phase, select up to two Kill Teams or one Adeptus Astartes Infantry. Remove them from play. In your next Movement phase’s Reinforcements step, redeploy them at least 9″ from enemies. Engaged units are ineligible.
  • Hellfire Rounds (1CP) – Wargear: In your Shooting phase, target up to two Kill Teams or one other non-Vehicle Adeptus Astartes unit that hasn’t fired. Their ranged weapons gain ANTI-INFANTRY 2+ and ANTI-MONSTER 5+ abilities.
  • Kraken Rounds (1CP) – Wargear: During your Shooting phase, choose up to two Kill Teams or one other non-Vehicle Adeptus Astartes unit that hasn’t shot yet. Their ranged weapons gain +1 Armour Penetration and +6″ range.
  • Dragonfire Rounds (1CP) – Wargear: During your Shooting phase, select up to two Kill Teams or one other non-Vehicle Adeptus Astartes unit that hasn’t fired. Their ranged weapons gain the ASSAULT and IGNORES COVER abilities for the phase.
  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.

Black Spear Task Force Restrictions

  • Your army may consist of Deathwatch units but not Adeptus Astartes units from other Chapters.
  • Excluded units from this detachment: Assault Squad, Assault Squad with Jump Packs, Attack Bike Squad, Devastator Squad, Land Speeder Storm, Scout Squad, Scout Sniper Squad, Tactical Squad.

Space Wolves’ Champions of Russ Detachment

Renowned for their fierce autonomy, deep brotherhood, and unmatched hand-to-hand combat skills, the Space Wolves of the Warhammer 40k universe require a tactical approach that combines raw ferocity with astute pack dynamics.

And, in the 10th edition of W40k, the Sons of Russ got a Detachment to match.

The 10th Edition brings a fresh tactical depth to the Space Wolves with the introduction of the “Champions of Russ” detachment. Central to this is the innovative Sagas system. Instead of traditional Warlord traits, Sagas activate army-wide benefits upon achieving specific battle milestones.

For instance, completing the “Saga of the Warrior Born” empowers all melee weapons with the “SUSTAINED HITS 1” ability, while the “Saga of the Bear” grants a “Feel No Pain 6+” ability, emphasizing the importance of character actions on the battlefield.

Stratagems have been revamped, each costing 1 CP, and are designed to synergize with completed Sagas. “Runic Wards” offers protection against mortal wounds, with its effects enhanced by the “Saga of the Bear”. Similarly, “Go for the Throat” boosts melee weapon armor penetration, with added benefits if the “Saga of the Beastslayer” is active.

Enhancements, akin to relics from the previous edition, allow players to customize their characters further. Notable ones include “Frost Weapon”, enhancing melee prowess, and “The Pelt of Balewolf”, forcing enemy Battle-shock tests.

However, these benefits come with restrictions. Players are limited to Space Wolves units, excluding other Adeptus Astartes chapters. Additionally, certain units like the Tactical Squad and Assault Squad are notably absent from this Space Marines detachment.

Logan Grimnar on Stormrider Model

Champions of Russ Detachment Rule

After a battle round, choose one of the Sagas below; if completed, all Adeptus Astartes models gain its benefit for the battle, but each Saga can be chosen only once.

  • Saga of the Warrior Born: If an Adeptus Astartes Character from your army eliminates an enemy Character during the battle round, your army’s melee weapons gain the SUSTAINED HITS 1 ability.
  • Saga of the Bear: If an Adeptus Astartes Character from your army drops below half their starting wounds but survives the battle round, your army’s models gain the Feel No Pain 6+ ability.
  • Saga of the Beastslayer: If an Adeptus Astartes Character from your army destroys an enemy Monster or Vehicle during the battle round, your army’s melee weapons gain the LETHAL HITS ability.
  • Saga of Majesty: If an Adeptus Astartes Character is within range of an objective in the opponent’s deployment zone at the end of any turn during the battle round, your army’s models increase their Objective Control characteristic by 1.

Stratagems available in the Champions of Russ Detachment

  • Runic Wards (1CP) – Wargear: After an enemy unit selects its targets during your opponent’s Shooting or Fight phase, you can grant a targeted Adeptus Astartes unit from your army a FEEL NO PAIN 5+ ability against mortal wounds and Psychic Attacks. If the Saga of the Bear is completed, this improves to a FEEL NO PAIN 4+ ability.
  • Go for the Throat (1CP) – Battle Tactic: During the Fight phase, you can enhance an Adeptus Astartes unit’s melee weapons by increasing their Armour Penetration by 1. If the Saga of the Beastslayer is active, those weapons also gain the LANCE ability for the phase.
  • Death Howl (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: During the Fight phase, if an Adeptus Astartes unit eliminates an enemy, it can consolidate up to 6″ instead of 3″, maintaining unit coherency and staying within enemy engagement range. If the Saga of Majesty is active, nearby enemy units within 6″ must also undergo a Battle-shock test.
  • Warrior Pride (1CP) – Epic Deed: In your Command phase, choose an Adeptus Astartes Character. For the turn, their unit gains the benefits of an uncompleted Saga as if it had been achieved.
  • Relentless Assault (1CP) – Strategic Ploy: During your Movement phase, after an Adeptus Astartes unit Falls Back or Advances, they can shoot that turn. If the Saga of the Warrior Born is achieved, they can also charge.
  • Armour of Contempt (1CP) – Battle Tactic: Enables you to choose one of your units and decrease the AP of all incoming assaults by 1 for a specific phase.

Champions of Russ Enhancements

  • The Pelt of Balewolf: Any Adeptus Astartes model with this ability forces nearby enemy units to take a Battle-shock test at the beginning of the Fight phase.
  • Frost Weapon: An Adeptus Astartes model with this trait enhances its melee weapons with the PRECISION ability and boosts their Strength and Armour Penetration by 1.
  • Black Death: An Adeptus Astartes unit with this trait grants its melee weapons the ANTI-MONSTER 4+ and ANTI-VEHICLE 4+ capabilities.
  • Wolf Tail Talisman: For an Adeptus Astartes model with this trait, reduce the damage of incoming attacks by 1.

Champions of Russ Restrictions

  • Your army may have Space Wolves units but not Adeptus Astartes units from other Chapters.
  • Excluded units from this detachment: Tactical Squad, Assault Squad, Assault Squad with Jump Packs, Devastator Squad, Command Squad, Primaris Apothecary.

How to Make the Most of Your Space Marines Detachments

Each Space Marine detachment offers unique benefits, from troop flexibility to powerful stratagems.

The 10th Edition Codex presents 12 distinct detachments – 7 faction-wide and 5 chapter-specific – each with its own set of rules and tactical advantages. Knowing these details is the first step toward leveraging their power.

Codex Space Marines - 10th Edition Rulebook (2023 Release)

Tailoring Your Army

  • Choose Wisely: Select a detachment that complements your play style and the strengths of your units.
  • Synergize: Align your units within the detachment, ensuring that each contributes to the overall battle strategy.
  • Strategize: Use the specific rules and abilities of your detachment to outmaneuver your opponent.

Tactical Tips

  • Stay Informed: Always refer to the 10th edition of the Space Marines Codex for updates and strategies.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Experiment with different formations and tactics to find what works best against varied foes.
  • Know the Field: Adapt your strategy to the terrain and the specific opponent you face.

Space Marines are a versatile and powerful faction in Warhammer 40K, and mastering their detachments is crucial to success. By understanding the unique aspects of each detachment, tailoring your army to fit, and staying adaptable on the battlefield, you can lead your Space Marines to glorious victory.

So, load up your bolters, commanders, and let’s bring honor to the chapter!

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