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Kataphron Destroyers

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Kataphron Destroyers are heavily armed combat servitors of the Adeptus Mechanicus, equipped with an array of devastating weaponry.
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The Kataphron Destroyer is a fearsome cybernetic weapon created and wielded by Tech-Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Lacking in ethical and moral constraints, these living weapons are equipped with incredibly powerful weaponry to advance the Machine God’s mission. With three interchangeable heads, servitor assemblies, exhausts, and a wide variety of weapon options including arc rifles, torsion cannons, and plasma culverin assemblies, the Kataphron Destroyer has a total of twenty-four weapon options to choose from. They are the ultimate scorched earth policy of the Adeptus Mechanicus, leaving nothing but molten sludge in their wake.

Kataphron Destroyers Datasheets

What’s in the Kataphron Destroyers box

  • x157 plastic components used to build either three Battle Servitors – Kataphron Destroyers or Kataphron Breachers.
  • x3 Citadel 60mm Round Bases.

How to paint the Kataphron Destroyers Set

  1. Step 1: Prime the Miniatures
    Apply a thin coat of primer to the Kataphron Destroyers. Primer helps the paint adhere better and provides a smooth surface for painting. For an accurate representation, use Chaos Black Primer.
  2. Step 2: Basecoat the Armor
    Using a medium-sized brush, apply a basecoat of Mechanicus Standard Grey to the armor plates of the Kataphron Destroyers. Thin the paint slightly with water or a medium to achieve smoother coverage. Apply the basecoat evenly, ensuring that the details of the miniatures remain visible.
  3. Step 3: Layer the Armor
    Switch to a smaller brush and layer the armor plates with Skavenblight Dinge. Focus on the raised areas and edges to add depth and highlights. Leave the darker Mechanicus Standard Grey visible in the recessed areas.
  4. Step 4: Highlight the Armor
    Using an even smaller brush, apply Administratum Grey as a highlight to the most prominent edges and raised areas of the armor plates. This step will further enhance the highlights and create a smooth transition from the basecoat to the highest points.
  5. Step 5: Paint the Mechanical Parts
    For the mechanical parts of the Kataphron Destroyers, such as the limbs and weapons, apply a basecoat of Leadbelcher. Then, use a small brush and carefully apply a layer of Nuln Oil to shade the recessed areas. Finally, highlight the edges with Ironbreaker for a metallic effect.
  6. Step 6: Detail the Accessories
    The Kataphron Destroyers have various accessories, such as cables, sensors, and other small details. Use appropriate colors such as Mephiston Red for cables and Balthasar Gold for sensors. Apply multiple thin coats and use a small brush to carefully pick out the details.
  7. Step 7: Paint the Energy Cores
    The energy cores on the Kataphron Destroyers can be painted with colors like Caliban Green for a more traditional look or Gauss Blaster Green for a more vibrant energy effect. Apply multiple thin coats and add a highlight of Moot Green or Warpstone Glow to create a glowing effect.
  8. Step 8: Add Finishing Touches
    To complete the painting process, add finishing touches to the Kataphron Destroyers. Paint any visible details such as the eyes, using a small brush and a bright color like Yriel Yellow or Mephiston Red. Add additional details like freehand designs or symbols if desired. Use a fine detail brush and steady hands for these final touches.

Gallery of Images, Sprues and Details

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