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Death Guard Green – Spray

Death Guard Green - Spray Paint Citadel Colour

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The Death Guard Green spray paint is known for its excellent coverage, making it easy to apply a smooth and even layer of paint to even the smallest details on a miniature. It also dries quickly, allowing for multiple layers to be applied in a short period of time. The color itself is a rich and vibrant green, perfect for creating the signature look of the Death Guard faction in Warhammer 40,000.
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Death Guard Green – Spray Paint Review

Death Guard Green is a high-quality spray paint from Citadel Colour that is perfect for painting the pestilential warriors of the Death Guard legion. This paint has a unique formulation that allows for easy application and excellent coverage, making it a popular choice among beginner and experienced painters alike. The rich, dark green color is ideal for achieving the gritty, disease-ridden look that characterizes the Death Guard faction, and using Munitorium Varnish – Spray on top of this paint will help protect and enhance the finish of your models.

What armies to paint with Death Guard Green – Spray

  • Death Guard are an obvious choice, as the paint is specifically named after their faction. The dark, sickly green hue of Death Guard Green is perfect for creating a gritty, disease-ridden look that characterizes this army. The paint can be used to great effect on their armor, soldiers, machinery, guns, tanks, and infantry.
  • Orks are another army that benefits from the use of Death Guard Green. The paint can be used to create a sense of grime and dirt on their already ramshackle vehicles and weapons, making them look even more cobbled-together and chaotic. The green color also complements the Ork’s skin tones, creating a cohesive look across the entire army.
  • Finally, Astra Militarum, also known as Imperial Guard, can be painted with Death Guard Green to create a sense of militaristic grit and grime. The color works well on their vehicles and tanks, creating a battle-hardened appearance. It can also be used to create a cohesive look across the entire army, tying together different units and models with a consistent color scheme.

The color complements the various armor types and skin tones across these armies, creating a cohesive look that brings out the unique details of each model. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced painter, Death Guard Green is an excellent choice for creating a sense of battle-hardened grit and grime on your Warhammer 40K miniatures.

Death Guard Green – Spray Colour Schemes & Combinations

Based on color theory and the principles of color harmony, the following Citadel Colour paints are recommended to use alongside Death Guard Green – Spray:

  • White Scar: A pure white color that can be used as a highlight or to create a contrasting effect with Death Guard Green.
  • Macragge Blue: A bright blue hue that provides an analogous color combo with Death Guard Green, helping to create a cohesive and balanced color scheme.
  • Runelord Brass: A rich, copper metallic color that provides a contrasting and metallic hue when used in conjunction with Death Guard Green, creating a visually striking effect.

White and blue are complementary colors to green, making them an ideal choice for creating a balanced color scheme.

Meanwhile, the use of metallic brass alongside Death Guard Green can create a striking and unique visual effect. By using these colors alongside Death Guard Green, it is possible to create a visually appealing color combo that provides a sense of balance and contrast, while also highlighting the unique hues and shadows of each individual color.

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