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Khorne Red  – Air Paint

Khorne Red - Air Paint Citadel Colour

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Khorne Red - Air Paint is a high-quality acrylic paint from Citadel Colour, designed for use with airbrushes to achieve a smooth, even coverage on miniatures and models. This deep, rich red shade is perfect for painting the followers of Khorne, the bloodthirsty Chaos God of War in the Warhammer universe.
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Khorne Red  – Air Paint Paint Review

Khorne Red is a rich, vibrant red paint from Citadel Colour’s range of acrylic paints specifically designed for miniature painting. The paint is specially formulated to provide a smooth, matt finish and excellent coverage, making it an ideal choice for base coating models and miniatures. The pigments in Khorne Red are carefully blended to provide a deep, rich color that is perfect for creating bold and striking contrasts on your miniatures. A foundation paint in any palette, this colour would be a great choice for beginners and experienced painters alike, it’s the perfect foundation for any miniature painting project.

What armies to paint with Khorne Red  – Air Paint

There are numerous factions and armies in the Warhammer 40K universe, and each has distinctive color schemes and aesthetics. A lot of the factions in the Warhammer 40K universe favor Khorne Red because of its eye-catching appearance and adaptability. Three armies that you can paint with Khorne Red are as follows:

  • The Blood Angels: This Space Marine chapter is known for its use of red power armor, making Khorne Red a perfect choice for painting their armor, helmets, and other equipment.
  • The World Eaters: The World Eaters are a Chaos Space Marine legion that is dedicated to the Chaos God Khorne, known for their use of red as their primary color scheme. Khorne Red is an ideal choice for painting their armor, weapons, and other equipment.
  • The Khorne Daemonkin: The Khorne Daemonkin are a faction of Chaos Daemons who are dedicated to the Chaos God Khorne and have a red color scheme. Khorne Red is an ideal choice for painting their daemons, weapons, and other equipment.

In conclusion, Khorne Red would go extremely well with these forces because they all have a red aesthetic, whether it be painted on the power armor of Space Marines, the weapons of World Eaters, or the daemons of Khorne Daemonkin. Khorne Red is the ideal color option for these armies because of their reputation for ferocity and violence.

Khorne Red  – Air Paint Colour Schemes & Combinations

When it comes to painting miniatures, selecting the right colors and shades to complement your base coat is crucial to achieving a cohesive and polished look. When using Khorne Red as a base coat, there are several yellow, silver and brown Citadel Colour paints that can be used to create a variety of different effects and styles. These are:

  • Yriel Yellow: This is a bright and vibrant yellow paint that can be used to create highlights and accents on Khorne Red areas, creating a striking contrast.
  • Agrax Earthshade: This is a rich, dark brown paint that can be used to create shadows and depth on Khorne Red areas, giving a sense of depth and realism
  • Runefang Steel: This is a metallic silver paint that can be used to create highlights and details on Khorne Red areas, adding a sense of shine and texture to the model.

We took into account color theory, particularly the complimentary color scheme, when deciding which individual paints to list. Khorne Since red and yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel, they are complementary colors and produce a strong contrast. Additionally picked are Agrax Earthshade and Runefang Steel, which can be used to produce shadows and highlights, respectively, that will harmonize the miniature’s overall appearance. 

These color combinations can be applied in many ways to produce various effects, such as highlighting, shading, and adding metallic elements. 

A fantastic way to learn and hone your miniature painting talents is to experiment with various color schemes and painting methods.

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