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Choose the Exorcist, a heavy support option for Adepta Sororitas armies, unleash the God-Emperor's judgement upon your enemies with the choice between a brace of rapid-firing Castigator autocannons and the explosive Castigator battle cannon.
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The Castigator is a formidable battle tank proudly utilized by the Adepta Sororitas, offering unparalleled fire support for their Battle Sisters on the battlefield. With its diverse arsenal of weaponry, it serves as a relentless force, capable of breaking through enemy lines and swiftly decimating hordes of adversary infantry.

Builders have the choice to equip the Castigator with either a Castigator battle cannon or Castigator autocannons as its primary armament. This flexibility allows for tailoring the tank’s capabilities to suit specific battlefield requirements. Additionally, there are various wargear and gunner options to further customize the Castigator, ensuring it can fulfill a wide range of tactical roles.

Castigator Datasheets

What’s in the Castigator box

  • x108 plastic components that make one Castigator tank.

How to paint the Castigator Set

  1. Step 1: Priming – A Solid Foundation
    Begin by priming your Castigator model with Chaos Black spray. This provides a sturdy base for the subsequent layers of paint and ensures a smooth finish. after that, you can edge highlight with Eshin Grey.
  2. Step 2: Details and Pipes – Precision Painting
    Paint the intricate details and pipes of the Castigator with Balthasar Gold. To enhance depth and definition, apply a shade of Agrax Earthshade over these areas, allowing the shade to settle into the recesses for added realism.
  3. Step 3: Tracks – Metallic Treads
    For the tank’s tracks, use Leadbelcher paint. This metallic hue will give the tracks a convincing appearance.
  4. Step 4: Red and White Details – Striking Accents
    Paint the red details of the Castigator with Mephiston Red, ensuring they stand out boldly. Simultaneously, apply White Scar to the white details to create a striking visual contrast.
  5. Step 5: Optics – Cool Blue Glare
    Focus on the blue optics of the Castigator using Thousand Sons Blue. This will give the tank’s optics a cool, high-tech appearance. You can add highlights to these parts using White Scar again.
  6. Step 6: Gold and Metallic Details – Glistening Highlights
    Use Retributor Armour to paint the gold details of the model, adding a touch of regal brilliance. For other metallic components, use Leadbelcher, enhancing their realism and depth.
  7. Step 7: Varnishing – Preserve and Enhance
    To protect your meticulously painted Castigator and provide a finished look, apply a layer of Munitorum Varnish Spray. Ensure the model is entirely dry before varnishing.

Gallery of Images, Sprues and Details

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