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Ratling Grime is a high-quality paint from Citadel Colour that is perfect for creating a dirty, grime effect on your miniatures. This earthy, brownish-green paint is perfect for weathering tanks, adding depth to terrain pieces, or adding a touch of realism to your models. With its smooth, easy-to-use consistency, Ratling Grime is an excellent choice for any hobbyist looking to add some character to their creations.
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Ratling Grime Paint Review

Ratling Grime is a unique offering from the Citadel Colour range that serves as an excellent base coat for miniature painting. It boasts a high concentration of finely ground pigments that provide a smooth and consistent application. This acrylic paint also delivers a robust coverage that creates a strong foundation for more intricate layering. With its subdued matt finish and a palette of colors specifically designed for miniature painting, Ratling Grime is an excellent choice for beginners and seasoned painters alike, providing a versatile and reliable option for all your hobby needs.

What Armies of Chaos to paint with Ratling Grime

There are many Chaos factions and armies in the Warhammer 40K universe that could benefit from a coat of Ratling Grime paint. However, based on my experience and expertise, I recommend the following three armies:

  • Chaos Space Marines: These heretical warriors clad in power armour and wielding an assortment of guns and weaponry are a classic and popular Chaos army. Ratling Grime paint can be used to create a weathered and battle-worn look on their armour and machinery.
  • Death Guard: The Plague Marines of the Death Guard are an army of grotesque and rotting soldiers, often supported by a range of tanks and artillery. Ratling Grime can be used to create a grimy and disgusting effect on the armour, weapons, and machinery of this army.
  • Chaos Knights: These towering war machines piloted by corrupted nobles and warriors are a formidable sight on the battlefield. Ratling Grime paint can be used to create a rusted and damaged appearance on their armour and weapons, enhancing their menacing and malevolent presence.

Ratling Grime Colour Schemes & Combinations

Ratling Grime is a Citadel Colour paint that has a brown-black hue and is primarily used for painting dirt, grime, and weathering effects on miniatures. When deciding on a list of paints that can be used with Ratling Grime, various factors such as colour theory, complementary colours, split-complementary colours, analogous colours, highlighting, shading, metallic finishes, and balance were taken into consideration.

  • Macragge Blue: This bright blue paint can be used as a base colour to add contrast to the brown-black hue of Ratling Grime.
  • Wild Rider Red: This lighter red hue is a good choice for highlighting areas of the miniature that have been painted with Ratling Grime.
  • Agrax Earthshade: This brown wash can be used to shade the areas painted with Ratling Grime, giving the miniature a more realistic weathered look.

When selecting colours to use with Ratling Grime, it is important to consider colour theory and complementary colour combinations. Blue and orange are complementary colours, while red and green, and yellow and purple are also complementary. However, split-complementary and analogous colour combinations can also be effective for creating a balanced and visually appealing colour scheme.

Additionally, when painting miniatures, it is important to consider highlights and shadows to create depth and dimension. In the case of Ratling Grime, shading and highlighting with appropriate colours can create a more realistic weathered look on the miniature.

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