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Citadel Colour's Skink Blue is a rich, vibrant blue paint that is perfect for adding a pop of color to any miniature or model. With excellent coverage and a smooth, consistent finish, this paint is a favorite among hobbyists and gamers alike.
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Skink Blue Paint Review

The Skink Blue paint from Citadel Colour is a versatile and reliable paint that provides a strong base coat for your miniatures. This high-quality acrylic paint is made with rich pigments that provide excellent coverage and a smooth, matt finish. Its bright, vibrant blue hue makes it a popular choice for miniature painters looking to add a pop of color to their palette. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced painter, Skink Blue is a great foundation color for bringing your miniatures to life with a bold and striking blue hue.

What armies to paint with Skink Blue

If you’re looking to paint armies from the Warhammer 40K universe with Skink Blue, consider the following three factions:

  • The Imperial Guard: Skink Blue pairs well with the Imperial Guard’s gray and white armor, and can be used to paint their tanks and infantry units for a bold and striking look.
  • The Space Marines: This iconic army often features blue power armor, making Skink Blue a natural choice for their base coats. Additionally, you can use Skink Blue to highlight areas of the armor to bring out the details and add depth to your paint job.
  • The Eldar: The Eldar army features a variety of blues and purples in their design, making Skink Blue a great option for painting their soldiers and machinery. When combined with other blues and purples in the Citadel Colour palette, you can create a cohesive and eye-catching color scheme for your Eldar army.

The use of analogous color combinations to produce a harmonious and balanced appearance in your paint scheme formed the basis of this list, which was developed using the idea of color theory. These armies provide you lots of chances to play with highlights and shadows to give your miniatures life using Skink Blue as the base color.

Skink Blue Colour Schemes & Combinations

  • Yellow is a complementary color to blue, and when paired with Skink Blue, it creates a high-contrast and eye-catching color combination. Citadel Colour paints that pair well with Skink Blue include Averland Sunset, Yriel Yellow, and Flash Gitz Yellow. These yellow pigments can be used to add vibrancy to your miniature’s armor, or to create striking highlights on your army’s machinery, guns, and tanks.
  • Black can also be used to complement Skink Blue, adding depth and dimension to your miniature painting projects. Citadel Colour paints that can be used with Skink Blue include Abaddon Black, Eshin Grey, and Dawnstone. These black hues can be used to create shadows and shading, adding definition to your army’s infantry, as well as highlighting the details of their armor and machinery.
  • Green is a split-complementary color to blue, meaning that it sits between blue and yellow on the color wheel. When paired with Skink Blue, green adds a fresh and natural look to your army. Citadel Colour paints that can be used with Skink Blue include Moot Green, Biel-Tan Green, and Nurgling Green. These green pigments can be used to paint lush, verdant landscapes or to bring a sense of life to your army’s tanks and machinery. Whether you’re looking to create a striking color combination or a harmonious, cohesive look, these green hues are a great choice to pair with Skink Blue.

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