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Veterans of the Long War Battleforce

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Dive into the dark heart of chaos with the Veterans of the Long War Battleforce for Warhammer 40,000. Unleash the fury of the Chaos Space Marines and shape the galaxy's fate – available soon!
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Immerse yourself in the dark saga of the Warhammer 40k universe with the Veterans of the Long War Battleforce box set, a crucial foundation for any Chaos Space Marines army. Lead your forces with the Chaos Lord, a once-noble figure now turned harbinger of destruction, emblematic of the fall from grace so prevalent in the WH40K lore.

This box set captures the essence of corruption that has tainted the once-glorious warriors of the galaxy. The Chosen, acting as the vanguard, are equipped with an arsenal capable of bringing the darkest depths of chaos to the forefront. The Legionaries, now sworn to the service of dark powers, showcase the might of Space Marines twisted by their allegiance to chaos, transforming these warriors into symbols of dread.

Joining them in the Veterans of the Long War Battleforce are the Chaos Terminators, their armored forms a bulwark of terror and weaponry, signaling the onset of despair for their foes. The addition of the Possessed to this set reveals the grotesque cost of infernal pacts, their forms altered into horrifying paragons of the warp’s might.

This Warhammer 40,000 box set is more than a collection of miniatures; it’s an entry into a narrative of darkness, where the tales of betrayal and the thirst for vengeance eclipse former glories. Step into the role of a warlord guide your forces towards dominion over the realms of men and gods alike.

Veterans of the Long War Battleforce Box Contents

Veterans of the Long War Battleforce Points in 10th Edition

With this box, you receive an impressive 925 points worth of miniatures. Considering the standard price of $230 for similar battleforces, this equates to an exceptional value of approximately 4 points per dollar. This makes the box an outstanding deal for enhancing your collection.

  • Chaos Lord75 pts
  • Chosen115 pts
  • Legionaries200 pts
  • Chaos Terminators390 pts
  • Possessed145 pts


Comparing the Veterans of the Long War Battleforce with other W40K Boxed Sets

Box NamePriceNo of MiniaturesExtras
Veterans of the Long War$23031Bases, TBA(?)
Combat Patrol: Chaos Space Marines$16019Bases
Exalted of the Red Angel$23017Bases, Big Model
Wrath of the Soul Forge King$21030Bases, Upgrade Frames, Transfer Sheets, Book
Boarding Patrol: Chaos Space Marines$13031Bases, Transfer Sheet
Leviathan Box$25072Bases, Leviathan Book, Space Marines Transfer Sheet, Leviathan Mission Deck

Veterans of the Long War Battleforce Box Price per Country

United States$230
United Kingdom£140

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