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Necron Compound Dry Paint Citadel Colour

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The Necron Compound is a metallic paint from Citadel Colour that has a dark silver color with a subtle blue hue. It is perfect for painting the Necron warriors of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, giving them a sleek and otherworldly look. This paint has a smooth consistency and can be easily applied with a brush or an airbrush.
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Necron Compound Paint Review

The Necron Compound paint from Citadel Colour is a versatile acrylic pigment, akin to a sturdy foundation, designed for miniature painting enthusiasts of all levels. Its matt finish acts as a canvas, primed for a range of colours for miniatures to be applied. As a base coat, it offers ample coverage, similar to a solid wall of steel, allowing for a beginner-friendly palette to be explored with ease. Whether it’s to bring metallic hues to life or to enhance the necrotic undertones of the miniature, the Necron Compound paint is a reliable tool in any miniature painting arsenal.

What Xenos armies to paint with Necron Compound

  • Orks are a rowdy and fun-loving faction in the Warhammer 40K universe. They’re known for their ramshackle vehicles and weapons, which are often made out of scraps and salvaged materials. Painting Orks with Necron Compound would be a great choice, as it would allow you to achieve a metallic look on their vehicles, guns, and armour. You could also use it to add a bit of shine to their weapons, making them look extra deadly. Plus, since Orks come in a variety of colors, Necron Compound would be a great base coat for any Ork army.
  • Tyranids are a terrifying swarm of alien creatures that devour everything in their path. They have an exoskeleton that could be painted with Necron Compound to achieve a metallic look. This would give them a more menacing appearance, as their exoskeleton would look hard and unyielding. Additionally, Tyranids have a lot of guns and weaponry that could be painted with Necron Compound, making them look even more deadly. The metallic finish of Necron Compound would make their weapons look like they’re made out of some otherworldly metal.
  • T’au Empire is a technologically advanced faction of alien warriors. They have high-tech armour and weaponry, which would look great painted with Necron Compound. The metallic finish of the paint would make their armour look extra shiny and futuristic, while also giving their weapons a more deadly appearance. Plus, since the T’au Empire has a uniform color scheme, Necron Compound would be a great choice for painting their entire army. Overall, Necron Compound would be a fantastic choice for any Warhammer 40K Xenos army, but especially for Orks, Tyranids, and T’au Empire.

Necron Compound Colour Schemes & Combinations

The decision to list these specific Citadel Colour paints was based on color theory and their compatibility with Necron Compound. As a metallic paint, Necron Compound pairs well with other neutral colors, such as black and silver.

  • Abaddon Black – This is a deep, rich black that could be used for shading and creating contrast with Necron Compound. Since black is a neutral color, it pairs well with metallics and could help bring out the shine of the silver hue.
  • Waaagh! Flesh – This is a bold, bright green that would be a complementary color to Necron Compound. Complementary colors sit opposite each other on the color wheel, and using them together can create a balanced color combo. Alternatively, a split-complementary color scheme could also be created by pairing Necron Compound with Waaagh! Flesh and a reddish-brown shade such as Mournfang Brown.
  • Stormhost Silver – This is a bright, shiny silver that would make a great highlight color to use with Necron Compound. Using analogous colors, or colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel, can create a harmonious color scheme. In this case, the metallic hues of silver and Necron Compound would balance well together.

Additionally, using complementary or split-complementary colors with Necron Compound can create a dynamic color combo, while using analogous colors can create a harmonious balance. Overall, using these three paints together with Necron Compound can help to create depth and dimension through highlights, shadows, and color

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