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How to Paint: Captain in Terminator Armour

Unlock the secrets of painting your Captain in Terminator Armour with this step-by-step guide. Whether you're a seasoned hobbyist or just starting out, we'll walk you through the process in simple terms. From the regal gold trims to the battle-worn details, you'll learn the techniques to make your miniature stand out on the battlefield.

Step 1: Prime Your Model

First, you’ll want to prime your Captain in Terminator Armour with Macragge Blue spray. This step helps the paint adhere to the model and gives you a good starting point.

Step 2: Paint the Cape and Details

Using Mephiston Red, carefully paint the cape and any other details you want in this bold color. Make sure to use thin layers and let each layer dry before adding more. This will ensure a smooth and even finish.

Step 3: Add White Accents

With White Scar, paint the inside of the cape and any other small details you want to stand out. This will create a nice contrast with the red and make the model pop.

Step 4: Gold Trims and Icons

Using Retributor Armour, paint the trims and any icons or embellishments on the Captain’s armor. This metallic gold adds a touch of regal splendor to the model.

Step 5: Black Rifle or Handles

For the rifle or any handles on the model, use Abaddon Black. This deep black color will give a sleek and tactical look to these parts.

Step 6: Silver Sword

The sword should be painted with Leadbelcher to create a silver, metallic look. Take your time with this step to ensure the blade looks sharp and deadly.

Step 7: Flesh Tone for the Face

Use Rakarth Flesh to paint the face of the Captain. Be careful and precise, as the face is a focal point of the model. You can add more details like eyes and scars if you feel confident.

Step 8: Parchments and Details

Screaming Skull is the perfect color for parchments and small details. It adds a weathered, aged look to these parts.

Step 9: Layering, Shading, and Highlighting

Now, you can add additional layers, shading, and highlights to your model using other Citadel Colour paints. For example, you can use Agrax Earthshade for shading to add depth to the recesses of the model. Then, use Stormhost Silver for highlighting edges and raised areas of the metallic parts to make them pop. Additionally you can edge highlight the armour with Calgar Blue.

Step 10: Painting the Base

Don’t forget to paint the base! Start by applying a base coat of Abaddon Black to the base. Then, add texture using Astrogranite Debris texture paint. Once the texture paint is dry, dry brush it with Administratum Grey to bring out the details. Finally, you can add small rocks or terrain details and paint them accordingly, like using Mechanicus Standard Grey for rocks. This will create a realistic and visually appealing base for your Captain in Terminator Armour.

Step 11: Apply a Varnish

To protect your hard work and give your model a nice finish, use Munitorum Spray as a varnish. This will seal the paint and keep it looking great for battles to come.

Shortlist of the 13 paints used:

  1. Macragge Blue spray
  2. Mephiston Red
  3. White Scar
  4. Retributor Armour
  5. Abaddon Black
  6. Leadbelcher
  7. Rakarth Flesh
  8. Screaming Skull
  9. Agrax Earthshade
  10. Calgar Blue
  11. Astrogranite Debris
  12. Mechanicus Standard Grey
  13. Munitorum Spray

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