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How to paint: Librarian in Terminator Armour

With each stroke of the brush, you'll bring this powerful psyker to life, crafting a miniature that's not just a piece of art but a captivating character ready to take on the universe. Get ready to unlock your inner artist and watch as your Librarian shines brilliantly on the tabletop!

Step 1: Prime the model

First, make sure your Librarian in Terminator Armour is primed with Macragge Blue Spray. This is essential as it provides a solid base for the subsequent layers of paint to adhere to. Ensure an even coat and let it dry completely.

Step 2: Paint the Armour

Next, take Kantor Blue and apply it to the Librarian’s armor. This will be the primary color for the armor, giving it a bold and distinctive appearance. Use a steady hand and multiple thin coats for a smooth finish.

Step 3: Paint the Details

Now, let’s add some vibrant details to make your Librarian stand out. Averland Sunset can be used for elements like ornamental accents. Celestra Grey is perfect for highlighting certain areas, creating depth and contrast. For any white elements, such as scrolls or purity seals, use Corax White. Be precise and patient during this step to achieve clean results.

Step 4: Paint the Exposed Head Face

For the Librarian’s exposed head, use Rakarth Flesh. This will give the face a realistic flesh tone. Be careful and take your time to paint this area neatly, capturing the character’s facial details.

Step 5: Paint the Metallic Parts

Now, let’s tackle the metallic parts, such as the Librarian’s weapon, with Leadbelcher. This will give them a realistic metallic sheen. Take your time to ensure a clean application.

Step 6: Paint the Gold Details

For the gold details, like ornaments or insignias, use Retributor Armour. These accents will add a touch of regality to your Librarian. Be precise to highlight these features effectively.

Step 7: Shading and Layering

To add depth and dimension to your miniature, consider using shades like Nuln Oil or Agrax Earthshade in the recessed areas. You can also use layering techniques with Kantor Blue and Corax White to highlight raised edges and create a more intricate appearance.

Step 8: Paint the Base

Enhance the overall presentation of your Librarian by painting the base. Texture paints like Astrogranite Debris or Stirland Mud can give it a realistic, battle-worn look. Feel free to add rocks or debris for added realism.

Step 9: Varnish for Protection

To safeguard your meticulously painted Librarian, apply a protective layer of Munitorum Varnish. This ensures that your paint job remains intact during battles and looks impressive on display. Allow it to dry completely, and your Librarian in Terminator Armour is ready to shine on the tabletop!

Shortlist of the 13 paints used:

  1. Macragge Blue Spray
  2. Kantor Blue
  3. Averland Sunset
  4. Celestra Grey
  5. Corax White
  6. Rakarth Flesh
  7. Leadbelcher
  8. Retributor Armour
  9. Nuln Oil
  10. Agrax Earthshade
  11. Astrogranite Debris
  12. Stirland Mud
  13. Munitorum Varnish

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