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Unleash the might of the Chaos Predator, a twisted marvel of war machinery that combines ancient origins with the malevolent power of Chaos. Customize your loadout and join the ranks of the Traitor Legions, ready to bring devastation to the battlefield in the name of dark and unholy glory.
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The Chaos Predator, a formidable battle tank utilized by the Heretic Astartes, showcases a rich history of destruction and combat prowess that dates back to the era of the Horus Heresy. These ancient war engines, infused with the chaos influence of the Ruinous Powers, possess armoured hulls that prowl the battlefield akin to fearsome predatory beasts. Every barrel of the Chaos Predator is adorned with daemonic maws, while dark icons deface its surfaces, serving as ominous symbols of its allegiance.

Crafted from high-quality multipart plastic, this kit allows you to assemble your own Chaos Predator, an embodiment of the twisted power wielded by the Traitor Legions. The versatile turret of the Predator offers the option to mount a devastating autocannon, perfect for tearing through heavy infantry, or a pair of twin lascannons that can obliterate even the most formidable tanks. Enhancements can be made to the tank using adjustable side-sponsons, granting the choice between equipping heavy bolters or lascannons. Additionally, the Chaos Predator can be outfitted with a rooftop havoc launcher and a pintle-mounted combi-bolter or combi-flamer, providing additional strategic options for unleashing havoc upon the enemy.

What’s in the Chaos Predator box

  • x140 plastic components kit that makes this tank. This kit offers plenty of cosmetic options, including a Chaos Space Marine gunner, spotter, or closed hatches, as well a spotlight, speakers, and a variety of Chaos icons, trophy racks, chains, hooks, dozer spikes, and corrupted armour plates.

How to paint the Chaos Predator set

  1. Step 1: Priming
    Clean the Chaos Predator figurine set using warm, soapy water to remove any residue. Rinse and let them dry completely.
    Prime the figurines with Chaos Black spray paint. Apply thin and even coats, ensuring full coverage. Allow each coat to dry before applying the next.
  2. Step 2: Base Colors
    Start by painting the armor and hull of the Chaos Predator with two thin coats of Leadbelcher.
    Paint the smaller details and weapons with Abaddon Black.
    Use Rhinox Hide for any additional details such as tracks, cables, or mechanical parts.
  3. Step 3: Washes
    Apply Agrax Earthshade wash over the entire Chaos Predator, focusing on the recessed areas. This will add depth and shading to the model.
    Use Nuln Oil wash on the metallic areas, such as the armor and weapons, to enhance their appearance.
  4. Step 4: Highlights and Details
    Apply a drybrush of Administratum Grey to the edges and raised areas of the armor to create highlights.
    Highlight the smaller details and weapons using Eshin Grey or Mechanicus Standard Grey.
  5. Step 5: Weathering Effects
    Apply Typhus Corrosion to the base of the Chaos Predator to create a rusty look.
    Drybrush parts you want to look weathered with Administratum Grey to create a worn and dusty effect.
    For a even more realistic look, you can add mud to the tracks using Stirland Mud.
  6. Step 6: Finishing Touches
    Paint any icons or decorative details with Balthasar Gold.
    Add any additional details, such as skulls or spikes, using Bugman’s Glow or Morgast Bone.
    If you want to make your tank look like it just rammed some enemies, you can add Blood For The Blood God.
    Finally, paint any remaining details, like the Chaos insignia, using White Scar. Once you’re done, you can apply a varnish to give your model a finished look and protect it from wear.

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