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Devastator Squad 

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The Space Marine Devastators provide support by delivering the Emperor's judgment through impressive and fierce displays of firepower.
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Support troops who truly live up to their name, the Space Marine Devastators deliver the Emperor’s judgment via stunning displays of brutal firepower. Missiles slam into ranks of enemies, blasts of scorching plasma melt craters into the very earth, lascannons punch through the hardest defences and the droning hum of grav-cannons rises to a terrible crescendo as the target of the Devastators’ wrath is reduced to nothing more than memory and dust.

This multi-part plastic kit also includes weapons such as Combi Plasma, Combi Melta, Combi Grav, Combi Flamer, Bolter, and Storm Bolter, as well as Power Fist, Power Sword, Power Axe, Lightning Claw, Chainsword, and Thunder Hammer. You’ll also receive a Plasma pistol, Bolt pistol, and Grav pistol. The kit is rounded out with five Purity Seals, two Servo Skulls, a pile of spent shells, a skull base piece, ten Space Marine targeting helmets, six sets of legs, six Sergeant hands, and eight Space Marine shoulder pads.

The Space Marine Devastator squad is an excellent choice for players looking to bring immense firepower to their armies. With their stunning displays of brutal firepower, these miniatures are sure to leave a lasting impression on the battlefield. Assembling and painting this kit will be an enjoyable challenge for players of all skill levels. Get ready to unleash the Emperor’s judgment and reduce your enemies to nothing more than memory and dust!

Devastator Squad Datasheets

What’s in the Devastator Squad box

  • x158 plastic components that make 5 Space Marine Devastator miniatures, one of which can be assembled as a sergeant with 3 sergeant head options included.
  • x5 Citadel 32mm Round Bases.

How to paint the Devastator Squad

  1. Step 1: Base Coat
    Start by painting the Devastator Squad’s armor in a cool blue color like Ultramarine Blue or another shade that you prefer. Apply an even base coat to cover the entire armor.
  2. Step 2: Layering the Armor
    After the base coat has dried, use a lighter blue color like Altdorf Guard Blue to apply layers on the raised areas of the armor. Focus on edges and surfaces that catch the light. This layering technique will add depth and make the armor look more realistic.
  3. Step 3: Highlighting the Armor
    Now, take an even lighter blue shade like Calgar Blue or Lothern Blue and carefully apply highlights on the edges of the armor plates. This will give the armor a crisp and sharp look, making it stand out on the tabletop.
  4. Step 4: Helmet Color Options
    For the helmets, you have two options. You can either paint them the same blue as the armor for a unified look, or you can choose a different color like Mephiston Red or Corax White to create some variety among the squad members.
  5. Step 5: Green Eye Lenses
    Use a bright green color like Moot Green or Warpstone Glow to paint the eye lenses on the helmets. This will add a striking contrast to the blue armor and make the squad’s gaze look fierce!
  6. Step 6: Metallic Weapons
    Paint the weapons with metallic colors like Leadbelcher or Iron Warriors. This will give them a realistic metallic appearance, making them look deadly and lethal.
  7. Step 7: White Details
    Add white details to the armor, such as chapter insignia, squad markings, or any other decorative elements. Use a fine detail brush to achieve clean and precise lines. White Scar is an amazing option for this, it pairs nicely with the Ultramarines armour.
  8. Step 8: Gold Embellishments
    Using a gold paint like Retributor Armor, add gold details to the armor or any other embellishments. This will add a touch of regal elegance to your Devastator Squad.
  9. Step 9: Final Touches
    Check the models for any areas that might need touch-ups. Ensure that all the colors, layering, and highlighting are neat and consistent. Add any final details or highlights to make the models look complete.

Gallery of Images, Sprues and Details

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