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Rendmaster, Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne

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Behold the Blood Throne, a manifestation of Khorne's wrathful dominion, ready to unleash havoc upon the battlefield. Prepare to witness its devastating might as it crushes all who oppose its path, a terrifying testament to the power and ferocity of the Blood God.
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The Blood Throne, a formidable creation, mirrors the majestic dais upon which Khorne, the Blood God, resides. This fearsome Daemon engine, enveloped in brass armor, charges into battle with iron wheels that crush all who dare to obstruct its path.

Crafted with industrious detail, the Blood Throne of Khorne combines the essence of Chaos and daemon engine, adorned with an array of Khorne’s iconic symbols. Its body features a large, curved frame, resembling a colossal open mouth surging forward on barbed, cylindrical wheels. Yet, from different angles, it reveals its mechanical nature, showcasing metal tubes, wires, pistons, as well as a menacing display of horns, skulls, spikes, and gaping maws. At the forefront, a platform is fashioned in the likeness of the Khorne symbol, and upon it stand two horned Bloodletters, gripping chains with an intimidating presence. However, the pinnacle of the Blood Throne variant is an imposing throne adorned with skulls and horns. Perched atop this throne stands an armored and sinewy Herald, exuding strength and authority.

What’s in the Rendmaster, Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne box

  • x84 plastic components with which to make either a Blood Throne of Khorne or a Skull Cannon of Khorne.
  • x1 Citadel 120x92mm Citadel Oval base

How to paint the Rendmaster, Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne set

  1. Step 1: Prime the Miniatures
    Apply a thin and even coat of primer to both the Rendmaster and the Blood Throne miniatures using a suitable color, such as black or grey. This will provide a smooth surface for the paint to adhere to.
  2. Step 2: Basecoat the Armor and Throne
    Start by basecoating the Rendmaster and the Blood Throne with a dark color. For the Rendmaster’s skin, use a deep red like Khorne Red. For the Blood Throne, use a dark color such as Abaddon Black or Mournfang Brown. Apply multiple thin coats until you achieve good coverage, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next.
  3. Step 3: Paint the Skin
    Using a bright red color like Wazdakka Red or Evil Sunz Scarlet, paint the exposed skin areas of the Rendmaster. Apply multiple thin coats for smooth coverage. For the Blood Throne, you can use a darker red tone like Khorne Red or Mephiston Red. Apply the paint evenly across the throne’s surface.
  4. Step 4: Highlight the Armor and Throne
    To add depth and definition to the armor and throne, use a lighter shade of the basecoat color. For the Rendmaster’s armor, you can highlight with a brighter red like Wild Rider Red or Fire Dragon Bright. Apply the highlights to the raised areas, edges, and details. For the Blood Throne, use a lighter shade of red like Evil Sunz Scarlet or Wild Rider Red, and apply the highlights to the edges and prominent features.
  5. Step 5: Detail the Weapons and Accents
    Paint the weapons and other accents on the Rendmaster and the Blood Throne, such as blades, spikes, or decorative elements, with metallic colors like Leadbelcher or Runefang Steel. Ensure the details stand out against the base colors.
  6. Step 6: Wash the Skin and Throne
    Using a darker shade of red, like Carroburg Crimson or Nuln Oil, apply a wash over the skin of the Rendmaster and the throne. This will enhance the shadows and definition. Ensure the wash settles in the recesses and crevices to create depth.
  7. Step 7: Final Touches and Basing
    Inspect the miniatures and make any necessary touch-ups or adjustments. Add any final details, such as painting the eyes or teeth of the Rendmaster, or adding blood effects to the weapons. For the base, you can paint it to match your preferred theme, whether it’s a fiery realm of Khorne or a blood-soaked battlefield.

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