Status of Warhammer 40,000’s Leviathan Box Launch: supply and technical issues at most European retailers, stock sold out in minutes – LIVE UPDATES

Stocks, website crashes, and long queues plague eager customers to get their hands on the new Leviathan Box
Leviathan Launch Status Updates

The highly anticipated launch of the new Leviathan box from Warhammer 40,000 has been marred by a series of logistical challenges, leaving both hobbyists and retailers frustrated.

Reports have surfaced of massively cut orders, website crashes, and long queues, resulting in a less-than-ideal experience for fans eager to get their hands on the latest edition of the popular tabletop game.

Quick Summary:

  • In Europe, at most retailers, the Leviathan box went out of stock in a couple of hours.
  • Users reported issues with orders on the GW EU Store not going through.
  • Prices for the box in Europe start are between 140 and 175 Euro.
  • On the GW store the price is €200 as we correctly announced more than a week ago!
  • Wayland Games still accepted preorders as of 15:00 CET – the box is valued at €140
  • Castle Comics still has items in stock – the box is valued at €150
  • Imperial Games still accepts preorders – the box costs £135.00
  • In US, CMO Games lists the item as Out of Stock
  • Ebay Listings of the new Leviathan Box are popping-up with prices starting at $250

Situation in the European stores – Find out where the box is sold out or still available

European retailers such as Element Games, The Outpost, and Ars Manufactorea have been particularly affected by these issues, leading to disappointed customers and operational setbacks.

Stock issues first reported in The Outpost’s email to its customers

Things started to look problematic just a day before the official launch. On the 9th of June, The Outpost – one of the largest retailers in UK, sends an email to their customers expressing their disappointment towards Games Workshop citing inadequate stock availability.

On the morning of 10th of June, the Outpost Website was inaccessible to users displaying the following message:

The store went back online in the afternoon, but the box was sold out. The positive? The Outpost seems to have one of the best prices online!

Ars Manufactorea had some good news for the Italian customers

Ars Manufactorea confirms large number of Italian Language items in stock but only a limited number of English language. The store sent also emailed its customers a day before launch with details on how the launch will go and what limits will be imposed.

Unfortunately, on launch date the site was down and its queue system unavailable.

Element Games was temporarily down

At around 9:00 UTC Element Games was temporarily unavailable, but the site was back on shortly after but the availability was zero. The item quickly went “Sold Out”and Element Games mentioned that the Leviathan Box can only be bought from the official GW store.

Leviathan is sold out at the Wargame Store

3 hours after launch the UK shop announced it has no more copies available! The shop announced that the stock will be renewed on the 24th of June

At Goblin Gaming Leviathan was sold out

Goblin Gaming announced just minutes after the official launch that they have sold their Leviathan allocation and will now start cancelling orders from customers who ordered too many. If you’ve ordered from Goblin Gaming check your email for a confirmation. No further preorders were available.

Firestorm Games also announced Leviathan is Sold Out!

Firestorm Games, another major UK retailer, put up a “Sold Out” sign on the box official page just hours after it went on sale! No further preorders were available.

Preorders still available at Wayland Games 3 hours after the launch

Wayland Games seemed to have the smoothest of launches with preorders for the new box being available at the specified time. Wayland Games also offers a 20% discount on the box.

At the time of writing, Wayland Games was one of the few major European retailer still allowing preorders!

Leviathan box still available at Castle Comics

Castle Comics, one of the smaller UK retailer still had 7 items in stock 4 hours after the official Launch.

Leviathan still available for preorders at Hobby Workshop

Hobby Workshop still allowed preorder to be placed 4 hours after launch. At 14:30 CEST preorders are no longer available and the item is marked as out of stock!

Mighty Lancer Games still had 3 boxes in stock at 14:00 CEST, went sold out 30 min later!

Mighty Lancer Games had 3 Leviathan Boxes in stock 4 hours after the official launch and 5 Leviathan Novels. At 14:40 CEST the items were sold out.

The status of Leviathan Box Launch in the US Stores

As the global launch date reaches the US we’re now starting to look into what happens in the US stores. To keep it consistent with the official release all times for us stores are in PDT (Pacific Time Zone)

Leviathan is sold out at Warpfire Minis

Leviathan is already Out of Stock at the Florida shop even before the official launch of the game in the US .

CMO Games lists the Leviathan Box as out of stock

Ahead of the official preorder time in the US, CMO Games lists the Leviathan box as Out of Stock

Leviathan Boxes now listed on Ebay

Just hours after the global launch of the new box, the first Ebay Listings of Leviathan popped. Sellers, mainly from the US but also from UK or Australia. The starting price for the box is around $250. The price seems to be close to the official retail price for the box in the US.

What’s the mood on the official forums?

Warhammer 40,000 fans have shown both patience and disappointment in light of the launch issues. Many fans took to online forums and social media platforms to share their frustrations and connect with others who had experienced similar challenges.

On the main Warhammer 40000 Subreddit the first discussion were mainly around the NZ and Australian launches as they were the first to be made available.

As the situation unfolds, we will keep updating this page with more information. Check back soon to check on the situation regarding the Leviathan box preorders in the US stores.

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