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Tidewall Shieldline

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This extraordinary multi-part plastic kit brings to life the Tidewall Shieldline, a fearsome addition to your T'au Empire forces. Completely modular and compatible with other pieces of the Tidewall Rampart, this kit offers endless possibilities on the battlefield. It even includes an extra linking plate, allowing you to combine multiple Tidewall kits for a truly formidable defense.
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Behold the Tidewall Shieldline, an imposing and virtually impenetrable barrier, providing the T’au Empire’s Fire Warriors with an advantage on the battlefield. Powered by repulsor jets, this mobile scenery unleashes scathing fire upon the enemy, leaving them with little room to hide. Whether used in a defensive stance, providing cover during fighting retreats, or expertly redirecting enemy forces into prepared killzones, the Tidewall Shieldline proves to be a strategic masterpiece, both defensively and offensively.

Whether you are a seasoned T’au player or just starting your journey in the world of Warhammer 40,000, this piece of mobile scenery will elevate your tactics and make every battle an unforgettable experience. With full rules for in-game use, the Tidewall Shieldline is ready to redefine the way you conquer the stars! So, assemble your forces, deploy the Tidewall Shieldline, and let your strategic prowess guide your path to victory!

What’s in the Tidewall Shieldline box

  • x28 plastic components that make the Tidewall Shieldline.

How to paint the Tidewall Shieldline set

  1. Step 1: Prime the Model
    Start by priming your Tidewall Shieldline with a spray-on primer. A neutral color like Chaos Black or White Scar works well as a base for your painting.
  2. Step 2: Base Coat the Structure
    Apply a base coat to the structure of the Tidewall Shieldline using a color of your choice, such as Mephiston Red or Abaddon Black. This will form the foundation for your painting.
  3. Step 3: Shade the Structure
    Add shading to the structure with a shade paint like Nuln Oil or Agrax Earthshade. Apply the shade to the recesses and corners of the model to create depth and definition.
  4. Step 4: Layer the Structure
    Next, use a lighter version of the base color to layer the raised areas of the structure. For example, if you used Mephiston Red, you can layer with Evil Sunz Scarlet to add highlights.
  5. Step 5: Paint the Energy Barrier
    For the glowing energy barrier, use a bright color like Baharroth Blue or Gauss Blaster Green. Apply thin layers to create a glowing effect.
  6. Step 6: Shade the Energy Barrier
    Add a shade paint appropriate for your chosen color to the energy barrier. For instance, use Drakenhof Nightshade for Baharroth Blue or Nihilakh Oxide for Gauss Blaster Green.
  7. Step 7: Highlight the Energy Barrier
    Use a lighter color to highlight the edges and focal points of the energy barrier. For Baharroth Blue, you can highlight with Temple Guard Blue, or for Gauss Blaster Green, you can use Moot Green.
  8. Step 8: Detail the Structure
    Add finer details to the structure, such as metallic parts or smaller components. Use colors like Leadbelcher for metal, Balthasar Gold for gold accents, and Rhinox Hide for any leather elements.
  9. Step 9: Finish with Edge Highlighting
    To give the Tidewall Shieldline a polished look, perform edge highlighting on the edges of the structure and energy barrier using a very light color, like White Scar or Pallid Wych Flesh.
  10. Step 10: Varnish for Protection
    Apply a layer of varnish to protect your hard work and ensure the longevity of your paint job. You can choose a matte or gloss varnish, depending on your preference.

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